Australia | Destruction Of Nature Due To The Devastating Fire

forest fire
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Australia fire | 2019 has witnessed two dangerous forest fires of which Amazon forest caught fire in June 2019 and now the Australian forest caught fire in November 2019. Both these incidents are one of the prominent harmful incidents for nature that have ever been recorded. If a house catches fire we become frightened and try to save humans. We, humans, are blessed with the most developed brain, but what about animals. Animals who are suffering in the forest fire incident occurred in Australia.

How did the Australian forest catch fire?

The last quarter of the year happens to be summer in Australia. Every year it is found to be a common problem that forests catch fire. Because of heat and dry weather. Since we all are aware of global warming and a gradual rise in temperature across the globe, it has shown its effects in Australia as well. This year Australia has to face a record-breaking temperature of 41.9 which has created an extremely dry and hot environment all over the country. Even the oceans surrounding Australia are also blowing hot breeze. In this condition due to lightening among dry plants has initiated the fire. And fire got spread gradually because the plants were suffering from a dry environment.

Damages caused by this devastating fire

When nature is getting burned the damage is countless. Thousands of trees are burning down to ashes. Animals are getting homeless. About 25 people died in this accident and the countless animal’s died.

If we see the damage of nature, then it cannot be mentioned. Animals who cannot find a way to escape are dying. They are trying to run towards life. Rescuers say that animals are coming to them to save their life. Hundreds of animals have met death and the rest still finding a way to escape. Though the rescue team is trying to save animals as much as they can, it is hard to stop nature. Several try to stop the fire from spreading is being run, but meeting the fire gets off from an entire forest that is not easy.

The fire had taken the lives of hundreds of animals, but still, there are chances that the animal will die in the future because of polluted air and being homeless. How many people try to shelter them, the shelter of nature is unbeatable and they are losing that shelter.

What we should do?

Being a living creature of the earth we should try to prevent global warming. Because this devastating fire can be blamed on global warming. Because of global warming, the air became hotter, the soil became dry and gave birth to this unfortunate incident which has an imbalanced nature and animal ratio. Trees are getting destroyed, so are the animals. They are dying of fire, they are dying off starving, they are dying of not finding a way to escape. We can take a positive movement to prevent global warming and pray that such an incident does not occur in the future.

Bottom line

This year we have faced deep damage in two large natural hotspots which was home for thousands of living creatures like plants animals, insects, etc. To prevent such incidents occurring in the future we need to be aware of the measures to prevent global warming. We cannot disturb the balance between nature and us. Because it will show adverse effects for us only. Like the animals of Australia are suffering because of fire, in the future, we can be I their place. Save nature to save yourself. 

2019–20 Australian bushfire season

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  1. Reshma says:

    Resent Australia’s wild fire is a pernicious effect of global warming, which is a human created untoward.
    The devasting fire gulped down the green forest and burnt down uncountable animals in it’s awake. Be it human, plants or animals but the feeling of pain is equally excruciating.
    Nature’s fury rendered us shell shock. Still time hasn’t lapsed, we can arrange the clutter by our conscious effort.

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