Depression Leading Mental Loss

Depression leading Anxiety and loss
  • Living life with these well-known facts aka depression is getting so common nowadays. As our life is updating with full of new technologies the more we are getting drag downwards.


  • This is a serious issue to think about why such mental and emotional trauma is happening among us. Especially among today’s youngsters.


  • People are facing isolation, blockage, and depression causing their life at risk. Every soul is losing their peace and happiness over time. Changes were made to feel fresh and motivated but things are getting worst.


  • These days we are so busy making our future bright that our present is dealing with scars.


  • Of course, advancement is made to make living more easy, fast and comfortable but here’s a totally different outcome.


  • Humanity is getting pushed back into depression & breakdown that souls are forced to suffocate inside a cage known as the body. And left as a body only.

“All it takes is a beautiful  fake smile to hide an injured soul and they will never notice how broken you really are.”

“There are wounds that never show on the body that are deeper and more heartful than anything that bleeds “

Dealing with depression:
  • Depression is something which we can’t see through naked eyes or hear the voice but can feel it while trying to communicate with the peoples around.


  • It is something like an uninvited guest at home and making its own space in your life without permission.


  • Feeling of uncertainty, anxiety, and loss of materialistic things causes so many several agonies that can hit your entire system unknowingly.


  • Doing anything over whether it’s thinking, loving, caring, expecting, or anything else it will always give the pain in return for which you were never prepared.


  • Getting in depression is never someone’s choice. They naturally get onto and stuck with those unsaid and unknown problems which carry their own solution but make us blind to see through.


  • Lack of communication and disbalance in the social lifestyle we all get stuck in depression and start losing our happy versions.


  • Breathing peacefully gets hard to live with and fake emotions help us to cope up with such issues that need serious supervision.


“Be strong because things will get better. It may be stormy now, but it never rains forever.”


The Reasons Behind Depression:
  • Since life is very uncertain and unpredictable in both good and bad ways it should be carried with both pros and cons together.


  • Yeah! It looks different from different aspects but nothing is impossible if you wish to stand and fight again.


  • Life is beautiful so please stop making fun of others, spreading hatred and assuming what’s not real.


  • Before judging others start working on yourself. If all is good within you then simply move on with all your goodness.


  • If not then work on yourself. At least you can try your best because no one is perfect.


  • Always remember time is the most superior element among all of us so it will heal all our wounds. Just keeping patience and waiting for the time is what we can do as humans.


  • Giving up, losing temper, and committing suicide cannot solve our problems in seconds.


  • I agree dealing with hardships is real  and sometimes they overflow. All of sudden our strength gets to combine with our weakness. And we end our life witnessing our failures.


  • But that’s not how we are supposed to live. Life is full of adventure having ups and downs alternatively. And it’s our time to get back in form.


  • Surely it will take some time to be in your previous version or can be a new one but we all have to perform on stage before the show gets over.


  • “Everything happens for a reason” is a simple scientific fact whose energy is alive always.


Thank You for your time 😊

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