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Pictures effecting in life


Having android phone these days are so common that every third person is carrying one.Technology & communication advancement has generously geared up human living. It diverted our life in so many good aspects. Among those one is taking pictures by clicking once. Invention of camera in mobile was something one of the biggest & greatest creation specially for photo lovers. Getting all in one was now possible through this small sized device known as “Android Mobile”. These days it is used and kept as “Bhramaastra” whether for official or unofficial purposes.


Life changing pictures


Talking about camera and its features i can assure one thing that many like me are selfie lovers or gone so. Infact front camera made it more easy and fun to capture all those glorious moment in seconds.Those moments which are not going to come back again in our life.We are left with our memories only and a few extraordinary collection.Not only people like us , this feature made and created many photographers too. Some are nature lovers, some are beauty lovers and some find life in non-living & make them lively with their photo editing skills.


Mobile camera


Clicking pictures with our dear ones and watching them virtually again and again is the most  pleasurable experience for many. Revinding those time in present makes us smile from inside. All those loss of togetherness, love , laughter, emotion, affection,sorrow start arriving in our thoughts.


Dealing with memories


While going through the lane of memories in our gallery our soul gets hit with several emotion. Today when we look back we realise how and what  went right or wrong. Through what situation we have gone. How time made us stronger day by day. Change in date,month & calendar remind us our good old days. Those golden and sparkling era of childhood and adulthood gave us an essence for living life ahead. Somewhere in dreaming and reality we found our  lives .


Through several ups & downs we  are now grown up and still dealing with various phases to move on successfully. Pictures carrying several emotions. Memories of family get together, celebration with friends, those parent teacher meetings, bunking classes, fighting for lunch, college days, relationships, marriage, child birth , birthdays, anniversaries ,trips,foods and what not made our mobile full storage full today.


“Technically those are space occupying materials but our emotion with memories and people find it hard to ride off. With passing time human , relationship and situation all together starts changing. It may sound off but we all know what have been going through days or years. I know it is hard to face those darkness in your life again. But that is something you should remember always.


Life in pictures


Every person face hardships in their life for specific time and that completes you for leading this journey. Past makes sure for what it made you standing in present. Definately it is tuff to recall those bad days but they too are memories, memories which were best in their initial phase. When situation is not  so supportive we do some mistakes some knowingly and some unknowingly. But at last it is our memories and ofcourse those pictures which says more than words. Pictures speak out their inner voice which where not heard that day. Now we crave for that moment to repeat again. In hopes to get it back , to sort out things which are left incomplete . But what is more cruel time or human can’t say but we never realise what is going far away.




Being most eligible organism on earth it is only humans who can track and slove their problems. So why we shouldn’t be thankful to God for this life and people around who care for us. Life is both long in bad times and short for good times . But it is only we who can overcome our past and repay with all our goodness to our people. So letting all our egos aside let us shake hands and hug eachother to create many  more memories together. Let’s not be cruel this time. Praise such efforts which makes all happy. Let your future be proud on your present days. You never know what else might get change tomorrow. And you will be left with pictures in mobile & tears in eyes with a smiling face.

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