Happiness Around|Hacks For A Good Life


People nowadays are so busy making their life better than yesterday. Giving it hard to shine bright in the future. Letting all your sweat behind. In the rush for betterment, we humans are forgetting our happiness around. Getting deaf and blind to achieve our goals and leaving our necessities aside.

Starting from crawling to standing for our rights we all grew up. Homeworks, projects, assignments, tutions, term exams, meetings, and whatnot made our days busy. Even those vacations were made to complete holiday homework on time.

However, by nourishing ourselves for the future we are somewhere forgetting our happy time. Forgetting to make ourselves happy as well.

Is Life Good?
  • I agree with all those hardships which were made since two-three decades get someone’s career or life today or tomorrow surely. But draining all our energies today.


  • We became restless without any reason. Always in search of a drug to make you awake from falling into a deep sleep.


  • That sleep is craving for peace in life one day. Don’t blame yourself you are the puppet. In fact, we all are here to play our designed roles. We all are god’s puppets.


  • The fact is having everything we still couldn’t find what we actually wanted for years to achieve.


  • Our Lord sent us all the pieces of the puzzle but was unable to join them. Maybe we are not seeing the way it is supposed to be.
Finding happiness around

Honestly saying, there are no hacks for happiness. Whatever is left behind us that is a lack of observation. Lack of communication. Lack of time for ourselves. If these aren’t done then we wouldn’t be finding the ways to be happy from the machine which was invented by our ancestors.

The real hacks were always inside us, was always with us but the matter of concern wasn’t strong enough to hold our emotion. All of us have covered a long journey and still working on it to reach the finish line. If you are still unable to find out those hacks for living happily here are some tips by my side which will definitely help you.

Tips for leading a happy life


1. Make some time for yourself

What you like to do. Follow your passion. Your sort of interest. It might be painting, dancing, singing, bodybuilding, playing games, traveling, etc. I know it’s not that easy what it sounds. But when you are all alone you need to know the real you. It is important to understand who you are. What you want, what sort of desires you have.

Automatically you will start to fall in love with yourself. You will find the hacker inside you. Will become independent apart from social barriers. Because you have the right to explore yourself.

2. Make some friends

Many of us have numerous friends but sometimes boredom sucks. It’s just because of being in the wrong zone. You might deserve something else. You might taste different. It May is not fit every puzzle. Nothing is ridiculous. It is the way you are.  Don’t hesitate about what you are. Find some people of your taste. There is nothing right or wrong.

If you are right you’ll find the way and enjoy your moments with your buddies. Without worrying about the number do follow your heart and your besties. Create some memories with them. I’m sure you’ll never get disappointed while remembering them ahead.  Have someone to share your experiences with. After all, friends make life more beautiful.

3. Fall in love 

If you feel for something whether material or human then express it. Don’t stop your emotions to come out. Just grab the moment when you need to act. Don’t let the time pass away. Love is fair and pure.  Why feel shy if you are not wrong. People will judge then and now. You won’t get another chance to execute. Humans are always hungry for the love and affection they dream about.

Don’t hesitate to express it. It happens with all just a few spoke and few not. No matter what will happen. Just be prepared and walk away if you get hurt. But fool around, neither you nor others. There’s always a path to walk. It might be dark or glorious but never step back. You’ll face hardships. Might get alone, actually, you will. But will overcome soon.

Mostly loneliness kills the pain of what you are suffering for a long. But never be in pain or depression. Let your heart fall in love. At least once, If it’s a crime then also. Never play with your soul. You never know what is next.

4. Build self-confidence

Mainly every third person is suffering from a lack of confidence. It can be mentally, physically, or emotionally. It starts with negligence from childhood and continues until it is handled with precaution.

Know your weakness and work on them. Face the world. Do mistakes and repeat them. Keep practicing before converting into an expert. One day by these you’ll turn into a confident object.

An object which is unbreakable now. Changes will take time but don’t worry, time will fly. Don’t rush for an immediate result. You’ll get appropriate responses, just wait for the day. You will get your chance to prove yourself. That day you will be the winner. If not in adverse conditions, then also it will be worthy to celebrate as a loser. Such a loser who has nothing to lose much.

5. Be positive

Have trust and faith in yourself. Don’t let your morals down if others are doing well. You too can do well. Just the right effort and direction are required. Keep your mind calm and think positively. There’s a process of what we think and if that happens in real. This seems magical but in reality, it’s the energy that comes out from the vibes we build in and around us.

Message For Leading A Happy Life

Keeping you busy with my words is not an easy task but I dare to. I too had gone through ups and downs in my life. And still working on it. The suggestion makes everyone feels better. Motivation is the key to boost yourself. Believe me or not but words do have some power to change the mind. Somewhere in the past present or future, our happiness is hidden.

Hacking only will not sort everything. In fact, we also know the truth and still want to survive among the lies. If not, then try with others. They’ll definitely like the way and praise the efforts you made.

If it’s not magical then name it something else. After all, without facing each other we are trying our best to know the other. It is not about finding happiness.

You are made to touch the sky, open your wings, and fly.
Conclusion of living life

Happiness is always present in and around, it’s just we never noticed. Never praised the people or the moment which gave us new birth. Life is both long and hard. But never failed to bring a smile to the face.

Different people have different views on everything. Let your views and happiness come out and touch the sky. Every soul wants to fly high. Why caged?

You have the full right to make yourself happy and see the bright sky.  Nature has its own laws. Providing both light and dark to survive and fight. It all depends on how we manage to make it more gorgeous. Before falling for others, fall for yourself.  Keep your soul and surroundings happy.

One day you will definitely cross your finish line and win the game. Winner or loser leave it to time. Time will heal everything. You will get another chance and can refresh the game. Just be happy whatever it takes. Have a good time and live life ahead.

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