Economic  Crisis Leading Unemployment


Every individual job seeker nowadays is very worried about their career. As like you this pandemic is effecting every other human in all aspects. Economic stability is adversely affecting numerous lives. Youngsters are in dilemma. Going through mental agony. Several questions are in mind resulting from uncertainty, depression, insecurity, doubting on self abilities, etc.
The whole world is facing such a tragic condition. It is time to keep calm and think wisely instead of getting panic. But living life in this situation is getting worse. Many schools and college-going student’s careers are getting effected.  Many workers are losing their job due to economic crises. Movement of peoples from one place to another, disobeying government rules, and not taking precautions against COVID  are making more vulnerable conditions around.


What’s next ? : 2021-22

(Social, Mental & Economic crisis )




  • Condition after COVID is going to hit hard everyone.


  • For sure many problems will be arising in upcoming years including social, mental & economic crises.


  • The hard competition will be coming on all the ways.


  • Economic growth will take time to progress.


  • Basic needs will be touching the outline of fulfillment.


  • Professional and personal life will be hard to maintain balance.


  • People might face difficulties to cope with many unwanted crises.


  • The financial crisis will lead to high competitiveness.


  • Health problems may arise due to excessive thoughts and restlessness.




Current scenario: 2020

Pros and cons




  • Firstly let you and your family be safe from this COVID. Make everything possible to lead a healthy life.


  • Take precautions and sanitize your nearby areas from time to time. Maintain social distance and hygiene.


  • Now, if you are a student then don’t lose hope. There are still many chances where you will find your ways to study and work better.


  • Upcoming years might be hard to get a seat in colleges for higher education. The competition will become more tuff but if you utilize this time now, you will find a more diverse future scope.


  • Not scaring with such words. But the present economic growth of both our nation and the world is at an alarming stage.


  • The whole world is getting to indulge in digitalization. Working, studying, marketing, business all are strengthening their roots online.


  • Those who are working, I can relate your situation well. Time may not be in your favor but only hardships can enhance your capabilities.


  • Polish yourself by taking advantage of this break. Is it the best time to know yourself and people around you.


  • Earn knowledge and skills to cope up with the economic disturbance.


  • Spend some quality time with family and friends. We don’t understand how blessed we are until it’s gone.



Tips for better financial & mental health:


As this pandemic shows a long-lasting threat over human society it’s necessary to think over your health along with wealth.

For being healthy you need to have a balanced diet. Eat fruits, vegetables, and meat. Do follow a routine to have meals every day.

For being physically fit do exercise and yoga. It helps in keeping both our physical and mental health good.

Today our economic development is paused for a while but this is not the end. There are still various chances to win from this pandemic. Just we need to keep calm and work on our abilities to fight back is more powerful.

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