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Being sustainable means meeting the needs of the present generation without compromising the future generation to meet their own needs. It also means using our natural resources in a way that will never run out and we can keep using them for a long time. In the current time, there are many unsustainable practices going on in the world. But here are some tips that you can use to start living a more sustainable, greener and a more eco-friendly life. 

Turn it Off to be more sustainable:

This one is the easiest and most obvious thing you can do, hence it is at the top of the list. A lot of people forget this, but turn the electricity off once you leave the place. Whether it is your room, house or your office space. Even when you sleep, it helps to remove the wires from the plug, or simply switch the power button off. This is the first, easiest and the most efficient step you can take towards leading a more eco-friendly life. If everyone in the world was more responsible with turning off the electricity when they don’t need it, we would be able to help the environment replenish by A LOT. 

Use smarter ways of transport:

Even though it uses less fuel, a hybrid car doesn’t make the cut anymore. Walking, biking and carpooling are the best options as of now. 

Walking does not aid into pollution and in fact, it is super healthy for you. Its a win/win situation on both sides. There are tons of benefits of walking. The same applies for biking. You need no fuel, and you could probably get to your destination faster than a car if you choose to ride a bike because you can ease your way through traffic. These are the most sustainable ways of transport. 

If you and your friends / co-workers are headed to the same place, carpooling is a wonderful option. Carpooling is when one person drives and the other rides with them. If you give a ride to 4 people, there will be 4 less cars used. Imagine the amount of fuel that will be prevented from releasing into our environment. Public Transport is also a good option because you reduce the number of cars on the street. These are not the most sustainable, but they are definitely a step towards living a more eco-friendly life.

Fuel combustion forms the biggest source of pollution in developed cities and it causes various types of cancers when breathed in. 

Reduce your meat consumption:

A huge part of sustainability is also to ensure that the future generations can have enough food. A big part of this is going vegetarian. Approximately 70% of the vegetables and crops that are grown are fed to the livestock, to keep them alive and for them to gain weight. If all this produce was fed to humans instead, we could feed an extra of 925 million people. Eating meat is very unsustainable because it causes excessive greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation, soil degradation and water stress. 

Cut your paper use:

Using tissue paper and paper towels is one of the least sustainable things to do. Instead, opt for using cloth because those can be washed and reused. Paper based cleaning products, on the other hand, get thrown away and cannot be recycled either. You can cut up an old t-shirt of yours and use it as a rag cloth. By doing this, you also save money instead of buying wash clothes.

Use LED Light Bulbs:

LED light bulbs actually have a better use than our conventional light bulbs. They last longer, are cost efficient and use less power. They last longer anyway, but an extra win is that because they use less power, the chances of it getting ruined quicker are also decreased. This means that you don’t need to keep replacing it again and again. They are already cheaper, but since you don’t need to replace them frequently, so more money saved!

LED lights also offer a range of different colours, so you can pick from more than just white and yellow. Whichever suits your room best is available. 

Plant more trees:

Trees give us oxygen to breathe. At the rate this generation is cutting down the trees for things like furniture and paper, we can guarantee that the future generations are not going to have enough of them. Trees have many other benefits. They prevent water runoff, which helps reduce floods, erosions, and water pollution. Planting trees have a lot more benefits but all of them cannot fit in the article so, here is a link that provides you with all the details and motivation you need to plant more trees:

In conclusion, we have no other choice than to be sustainable as of now. Considering the way in which the previous generation and this generation has led their life, it is going to be difficult for our future generation to lead a life that is going to be healthy for themselves and for this environment. Humans need to understand that the Earth is their home, not only the four walls in which they live. If we treat the world like our own, if we take care of it, we can ensure that it becomes a better place for our children. 

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