New education system launched in India 2020

New education system in India


All new educational policy is ready to launch in India for school students. Recently media interaction on Wednesday by union cabinet minister ” Prakash Javadekar” and HRD minister “Ramesh Pokhriyal” held.  Declaration of what new changes are going to meet new educational policy in 2020. This major step is taken on the basis of our ongoing educational system. Which is followed by our students from years after years. Because of this, new policy focuses more in improvement of quality education . Along with quality importance of skills and languages are also responsible in educational progress. Computer and technical subjects are going to start  from class 6th.



Educational policies


Following are the all new educational policies for new changes in existing system. After 34years of long waiting, time for some experiments. Such actions will  now  strengthen our education with new generation. This proposal is  successfully  given approval by our prime minister “Narendra Modi” himself. After looking into educational department following changes and development are mention clearly. All these policies are going to follow up by the institutes from year 2021-22



  • The 10+2  system is divided into 5+3+3+4 format.


  • Including age of the students studying in this format.

(5= 3 to 8 years)(3= 8 to 11 years)(3= 11 to 14 years)(4= 14 to 18 years)


  • 6% of GDP ( Gross Development Product) will be send to education department. So that student’s welfare can take place.


  • No rigid separation and discrimination should take place between Science and Arts stream.


  • Every child should pass  schooling with  atleast one skill. 


  • Renaming of MHRD ( Ministry of Human Resource Department) to ME ( Ministry of Education ).


  • Introducing  National  Educational Technology Forum. So that India can compete with other countries.


  • Common extrance exam will be compulsary for all higher educational  courses.


  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) assessment will introduce technical advancement and knowledge among students.


  •  Test conduction by the schools for student’s analytical , critical thinking and adaptability to challenges.


  • Launches PARAKH (Performance Assessment, Review and Analysis of Knowledge for Holistic development).


  • Computer languages and coding will be conducted from class 6 for strong technical grasp.


  • E- courses in regional languages are also going to implement . So that language literacy and values gets priority.


  • Multi- entry and multi- exist study plan for college students.


Why changes in education system?


For so many years  there is no changes and improvement made in education system. Regular studies without setting goal was effecting literacy rate. Also foundational studies are weak enough. No skills, languages and technologies are involve. Leading to poor nation development. Because of such tagic educational pillars were getting so disturb. Balancing the literacy rate and knowledge among nation wide is at alarming stage.But new syllabus and policies will create new revolution in Indian education system. This policy will lead to much more better and stronger educational background of whole nation. It will focus more on valuable information and skills on each and every child. This will lead to new goals and opportunities to learn and implement knowledge. So that our future generation and youths can become ready to serve nation.


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