Power Of Media In Modern World

Communication that reach in the form of news through newspaper, television and radio is known as ” Mass Media” . This form of information takes least time to spread among  people. With the help of technology, it is now more fast and easy to reach. Various form of communication is applicable via media. Such as internet, newspaper, television, mobile apps, sites, radio station and so on. Moreover it plays  a major role in spreading awareness. Also within shortest time as possible. Helping to make and grow our connectivity among both nation and world wide.

Firstly, media is promoting seriousness towards what is happening around. Be it any social, environmental, financial  or health issue. Also many other things what are latest , hot and trendy. Because of such, today we are able to know and judge the reality . Secondly, it is helping normal people (janta) to gain knowledge about several ongoing issues. However having different opinion we can arrise our voice against unfair means. Such action through media get highlighted which also help us in prevailing justice.

Importance Of Media In Life

There’s no doubt that without media life will become extremely difficult. Since civilization, humans tend to pass information through unique art form. Such art  were responsible for delivering those messages from one place to another . Writing letters after upliftment of education made it more easy to convey message. These form of physical communication get translated into audio/visual form. Helping us to join hands and fight for our rights. This is a wonderful source to put your views and get audience support . In current situation audience support and love can make everything possible. Because it gives us strength to act . And encourages to fight for justice. Also serves name and fame in some cases. (If you are enough loyal and trust worthy.) Otherwise many acts and incident get viral over internet . It can be in both good & bad ways.



  • One can easily get news from different parts of society in shortest time.


  • Media lead to access information in seconds.


  • Time management plays a vital role in today’s busy schedule.


  • Gain of knowledge is now available on our finger tips.


  • Utilisation of time and technology are making our life style more comfortable.


  • People from different parts of the world are able to get news from all over .


  • In diverse range of community media is also serving information in different regional and national languages.


  • Every form of communication is getting promoted through mass media.


  • Ranging from  business operation to administration all are getting possible ways to attract invester.


  • Advertisement and promotion are getting more attraction seekers via  media.



Technology & Media

In this paragraph, we are going to highlight  dependence of media over technology. Gradually with time and demand technology has start growing . For easy and fast life style people started using it in mostly every sector. Like cooking, teaching, communication, war etc. Every individual work get into machinery form. So as media did with advancement in science and technology. Because of such , it is now able to reach among us with unlimited resources. Nowadays we are eligible to post and get reviews of our interest. Sharing information through photos and videos are very trending. Also easy to deliver clear message to reach among others. Thus, combination of media with technology is resulting like magic to humans. No distance and difference can affect our source of knowledge. Every thing is now possible to get in least time. Without media technology is nothing . And without technology it can’t be worthy.

“So let us praise for what we have today and what more we can create .”

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