Self-Care: The Modern Art Of Living A Healthy Life

Life is just like a roller coaster ride with a lot of ups and downs in it. There are times when you might feel happier and worth pleasing yourself but the inverse scenario will end up questioning your existence in life. Self-care is a remedy to all the mental problems and issues in your life. It involves detoxifying your body from the negative environment and pampering yourself in order to put a reminder for your overall wellness.

What is Self-Care?

Self-care is considered as an essential part of your day to day life. It helps you to cleanse your body from dirt and impurities and adds on good thoughts and values into your mind. Self-Care is all about accepting your individuality and nurturing yourself in different phases of your life. Self-care boosts your self-esteem and confidence level and makes you fall in love with yourself.

According to Helen L. Coons, a health psychologist, “ Self-care is one’s act of taking care of the physical, spiritual, mental, educational, social and relational well being. It is all about respecting your personality and glorifying yourself for the betterment of your will.”

Benefits of Self-care

Self-care brings out the good in you. It helps you to nourish your real self and uplifts your morale in order to perform all the productive tasks. Here are some of the benefits of self-care that can help you understand the true concept of self-love in detail:

  1. Enhances your Creativity: Self-care is the most amazing way to boost up your creative imagination and work upon your interest, passion, and It mitigates all the stress-causing triggers from your life and makes your mind more relaxed, energetic and creative. Self-love is all about exploring and diversifying your thoughts, ideas, opinions, and values in order to provide you the wings of freedom and happiness.
  2. Increases self-knowledge: The practice of self-love is so amazing that it can guide your pathway through the process of career selection. You will be more aware of your sense of knowledge and where you lack on. It offers you a chance to fill the gaps in the places so that you can overcome your flaws and weaknesses. It enlightens you with your true passion ad interests.
  3. Physical fitness and health: Self-care makes you strong and energetic. It helps in the overall development of your body. It balances the functioning of your digestive and nervous systems and provides you more stamina and flexibility. Self-care not only builds a healthy immune system but also keeps the bad bacterias away as they could cause cold, flu, and infection in your body.
  4. Boosts your productivity levels: Self-care opens your gateway to the real world and guides your way to cope up with real-life It helps you to analyze the true difference between right and wrong decisions. Your mind becomes sharper and you can easily concentrate on your long-term goals for improvement.
  5. Makes you more kind and empathetic: The true spirit of self-love narrates that an independent soul must be physically fit, mentally strong, and socially kind towards others. Kindness is everything. It not only adds to your good deeds but builts a generous heart within yourself. Selfless giving is the act of coming out of your comfort zone and sharing your empathetic soul with one another.
  6. Builds your self-esteem: Self-care encourages you to inculcate some of the most powerful traits such as determination, hard work, confidence, etc. which are required for the success of an individual. It helps you to outgrow from your shell of insecurities and helps you to recognize your inner self.

Self-Care Activities

Now, let’s have a look at some of the interesting ideas of self-care that will keep our body and mind at peace and will release all the negativity from ourselves:

1.       Inner Self-Care Ideas

  1. Make a habit of reading daily motivational affirmations in order to praise your survival.
  2. Practice regular meditation and acupressure classes for a stable mind.
  3. Build a routine of writing into your journal which is the best method to share and express yourself in a healthy
  4. Read some books in order to gain extra knowledge and information.
  5. Indulge in some spiritual activity like reciting prayers and learning holy mantras in order to idolize the holy spirit.
  6. Spend some time performing your favorite hobby like painting, crafting, cooking, etc to power up your creative energies.
  7. Never forget to take a power nap in order to relax your mind from daily fatigue.
  8. Spend one hour for yourself. You can organize your room or cupboard in that duration or simply think about your plans for the next day.
  9. Never forget to have timely foot massages and head spa in order to increase the blood circulation in your body.
  10. Prepare a gratitude jar by putting 3 things about which you are grateful for on a daily.

2.       Outer Self-Care Ideas

  1. Go on a solo trip in order to recreate your pathway in life or for a short break from your life.
  2. Get in touch with animals and pamper them with food and a clean bath.
  3. Go for a daily walk and stay in contact with nature. Observe the beauty of life and walk through the grass.
  4. Attend some social service or charity event and inculcate the habit of kindness and humanity by reading poetry, providing free food, or offering some extra help.
  5. Perform some form of regular physical exercise at least for an hour in order to stay healthy and fit.
  6. Spend some time with your friends and express your thoughts with one another.
  7. Have a refreshing sauna bath of bubbles to rejuvenate your skin.
  8. Help a random stranger and smile with kind words to make his day.
  9. Recycle some stuff from your wardrobe which is of no use to you.
  10. Have your favorite happy meal which makes you feel worth living.

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