How Can A Teacher Change Our Life


Life without a teacher is next to impossible. Be it our parents, friends or our guru (our beloved teachers). We can’t imagine our life without them. All that we learn and able to know every day is their contribution. Teachers are responsible to address our understanding and capabilities.

They are our first people to detect our inner skills. With their help, today we are able to rectify our potential. Undoubtedly, teachers are important for our living. The knowledge they share after years of experience is precious. Later, in return, they expect only our success and achievements. Also, pray for our well being. Such involvement with all their love and affection generates true bonding between a teacher and a student.

Of course! They are important. Because they’re our backbone. A teacher plays a crucial role in shaping our life. Their efforts made us, today what we are. However, it is worthy to have such influencers in our besides. Their presence is absolutely necessary for proper guidance in life.

Student-Teacher Relationship

A relation that grows concerned for each other’s understanding and knowledge. This is a unique one. Apart from any terms and conditions, such a bond continues for a lifetime. After all, it’s not only given and take policy. If a teacher’s role is to shape and strengthen us from our roots.

Then a student is required to work on his strength and weakness as per guidance. This inter-dependent bond makes it easier to get ready for the race of life. Where all are steady to perform at their best. Our teachers push us from behind and we get their back to stand. Such relation between a teacher and student is costly in present days. Nowhere, not all are lucky enough to get a cooperative teacher or a faithful student.

Life Mantras

Firstly, from the very beginning of our life, we get our guru(s) or teacher as our parents. They are our first teachers from whom we learn to speak and act.  They introduce us to this unknown colourful world. Gradually, this world becomes our second home and a better place to survive. Their efforts are beyond any comparison.

Hence, it is us who should take care of their living and comfort. At least they deserve all our love and affection for what they expect unknowingly. Because of them, today we are leading such a blissful life. Where our mother (mom’s) take care of all our inner and outer habitat. On other hand, our father (dad’s) give their best to serve a quality lifestyle. And lastly, it seems heaven if you have your parents guidance for life long.

Secondly, as we start growing from an infant to a big one we get introduced to our teacher(s) from whom we will be getting all kinds of knowledge. Apart from books or bookish knowledge, they point out the practical world. Along with that, they give us some magical mantras to tackle life in any situation. Their contribution is not up to our grades or exams. But also their essence leaves a great impact on our living.

Resulting in a life-changing experience. Here a good suggestion can change your entire world whereas bad or negative guidance can pull you downwards. So be careful while choosing or making someone your guru or idol. It can be anyone. Unrelate it from any relation. An individual who can guide you or teach you wellies your teacher. And teachers are important for our growth.

This is how a teacher (of course a gentleman or woman) can change our life with a bunch of knowledge, guidance and support to achieve our goals. Really, a teacher is our superhero. We should always be grateful for their doings. Showing my respect and gratitude towards all our teachers.

  Thank  You for being there,

for making us human first,

 enhancing  our habitats,

believing in us,

 sharing your valuable thoughts and knowledge.

Thank You

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