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Ofcourse! The reply to this is a big No. Securing good grades cannot judge a student’s overall ability. Yes! It can forcast your knowledge on some specific exam but not always. Every student is an individual having different learning and growing style. And this is very obvious that nowadays good grades are the source of a good career growth.

Mostly all reputed school and college demand for grades. As there is a huge compitition going against one seat. So before we can conclude how grades cannot judge a student’s ability let’s enlight on some topics for the same.

Why Grades Are So Important?

Well, in today’s market people are facing a huge compitition because of large population rate. As seats for education or job are limited a student has to beat for their ability. Here various students work hard and try to give their best . But only few get chance to crack for their desired education or job. Also many organisations are focusing on quality assurance of the candidates who can give their best on field.

These circumstances are developing tuff competition among all. Because of such , parents and teachers are also focusing on good grades. Lastly many students mess up with their career and start getting depressed. With lack of self confidence and study pressure students are unable to concentrate well. Resulting in student’s career and mental health.

A dream does not become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work. ~ Colin Powell, former U.S. Defense Secretary

Can  Grades Offer A Good Life?

Somewhere, in reality this is a bitter truth that good grades offer various option to lead a good life. But this is not an ultimate truth. If anyone who is good at studies or anything as per their liking they can achieve success in that path. Grades has nothing to do with your ability.

Neither it can judge for what you are nor it can decide your whole life. Nobody knows what’s tomorrow. If you can work on yourself and improve your ability for some specific job role in life than everything is possible. You can lead your life without worrying about grades.

Today in our surrounding many are successful in their life but we don’t know what grades they have in their past. Because, only present matters. It is the time where you can work on your weakness for a better life. Nobody is interested in your past. (Specially if it is about your career.) If you are successful today than you did it. Otherwise keep working hard .

Tips To Improve Yourself

1. If you are really interested to make your result good than you need to rectify what’s lacking. Sometimes many students are unable to get information what is learnt. Causes lack of interest in studying which show impact on your grades.

2. Stop comparison among your friends. Because it will increase your insecurity and complex to enhance your ability. As a result you might end up with only good grades and will lack of proper knowledge.(which is not favorable for your further career)

3. If your parents or teachers are forcing you against what you are not good at, than make such things clear. Tell them what are your interests. Show your creativity and gain knowledge reguarding that. This will help you to gain support from them. Also they (parents and teachers) will be knowing all your motives.Therefore, interaction among eachother will enhance good understanding . They will also guide you to choose right path.Because, their support is a big thumbs up for your career growth. Hence , there guidance will be beneficial.

4. Lastly, it is you who can help yourself to beat against such myths. No grades can judge your capability. If you do have some than work on it and make it happen. A single result cannot affect your entire life. But on other hand, it is also necessary to complete your education with some good grades (atleast give your best). This will  not only support your future but will also open various source to expand your career .

Hard work beats talent if talent doesn’t work hard. ~ Tim Notke, basketball coach


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