World Without Engineers Possible Or Not

Everything around us is either man made or natural. Those which are man made are treated as their creativity. And such creative thinking gives birth to an engineer. This proves that world without engineers is not possible. Because whatever we see , touch and operate are all their efforts. Engineers are the pillar of our society.Today every complicated thing is possible with ease. For example- working on computer, electronics, communication, technology, research, science , laboratory , space , aeronautics etc are all their invention and production.As engineers are working hard to make our life more advance. So, today standing at the peak of  development we cannot neglect their presence  and efforts. Here we will discuss all about what role they do play in our life and society.

Who are Engineers?


Engineers are those among us who are responsible for new creation and invention to advance the working of our entire world . Such career require minimum   4 years of engineering study after their school completion. There, students are turned into qualified engineer  and get ready to serve life on earth. Here serving life means taking over new happenings around every day.  There are several department in engineering where engineers opt for specific criteria to work on.

Like electronics and communication, robotics, computer science, aircraft and space, mechanical, civil, architect, biotech and so on. Each and every certain types of engineering play a vital role in shaping our world . Hence , the time and pain which they serve to this world is great. The more we praise the more we get social workers like them known as “Engineers”.

What they do ?


If we talk about what they do then it’s pretty easy to answer. Because every single thing around us working on the basis of some technic are their production. Engineers are always seen to make  working easier and faster . Here we will highlight on few points for what they do.

Mechanical Engineers

  • Mechanical Engineers- They are among those engineers who work on machine building . Such as in factories,  engines, motors, and several electronic gadgets. Generally, their role is to provide machinary things to make our daily life better and faster.




Civil engineers


  • Civil Engineers-  On other hand, civil engineers are those who work on buildings and manufacturing house and streets. They are responsible to design our world through their vission. Such as building blocks, streets, malls, housing complex and many more related to our physical world.



Electronic engineers


  • Electronical Engineers- This group of engineer denotes working on electronic products and their services. They are tend to develop electronical systems, devices, circuits and test them accordingly. At present life without electricity and such productive materials is next to impossible.





  • Electronics Engineering- Such engineers create and invent new gadgets and update everyday devices like computer, mobile phone, portals etc . Their work generates high quality of communication with advancement of technology.



Computer Science and IT engineers


  • Computer Science & IT Engineering– This particular engineering denotes working and generating new patterns, coding and programming languages. Specifically, such engineers deal with updation and testing of their codes and working of application . For example- several daily usage apps, gaming sites and many more.


Here , we have highlighted on very few engineering roles. Whereas , there are many in numbers who are equally responsible to deliver their efforts in world’s progress.Thus, these are few example of what engineers do and what kind of engineering are there at present. Thereafter, both government and private sectors are planning to introduce more organisations and engineering colleges for further enhancement.

Life with and without engineers


Whatever we are able to know and get through advancement of Science and Technology is because of engineers. Thinking life without them will be vulnerable. All progressive efforts and experience till date is  their achievement. Here , we as people of this world should be grateful for what they are delivering to us. Life without them is beyond any comparison. So we need you always. Keep working hard. Your efforts won’t be worthless.

“Wishing you all the very best “

“Thank you Engineers”

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