Dark Skin Complexion| Blessing Or Curse| Healthy Tips

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Why dark skin colour is a serious issue?

Dark skin colour causing a headache among few. People belonging from different region and culture do have various belief on skin type. Basically, it is all natural how do we look. Our occurance and skin colour is totally pass on from our ancestors.

Biologically, it is our inheritance which are responsible for our entire looks and behaviour. On other hand, ecologically it may be the reason due to climatic changes. And because of such natural changes our skin type also gets affected from time to time. It might be for temporary or permanent basis.

But in general, our skin colour is fixed by birth. We cannot change or re-create them by ourselves. Untill and unless we opt makeover. In India , skin complexion is a serious issue specially among girls.

This is because many among us do or are made to believe on fair skin colour stands for real beauty. Unfortunately, this is insane at present to agree on such statements. But somehow both the genders are getting affected with these rumors.


Black beauty is a blessing or curse ?

Firstly, having skin colour black , brown or white is not in our hands. As mentioned above, it is all inherited from our previous generation. If someone is black or brown then it doesn’t mean they are ugly or bad looking creatures.

Secondly, if you are white but you don’t have manners then what’s the use of that so called beauty. Yes! I cannot totally disagree from making of those bollywood style first impression by looks. But later it will be of no use if you don’t have basics of humanity. (Harsh but truth).

Thirdly, there are many people in our surroundings who poke others for their skin complexion. As a result such stuffs only generate hatered and infirity complex among mass. Later, such useless human efforts lead to mental harassment and insecurity problems.

Hence, skin colour cannot be the reason of your entire presence in the world. Not a single person is ugly or bad if they are black or brown. Having dark skin is totally fair. Because it is all natural without any influence. Instead of getting in skin colour complexion we should be grateful for having a healthy life. Now that makes some sense and our life blissful.


Stay beautiful !

 If you are still in confusion of having a dark skin than here are some beautiful suggestion to make you smile. Also it will be more beneficial to live life ahead.

  • According to Science, those who have dark skin are carrying skin pigments rich in melanin. Such pigments provide superior protection against the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation.


  • This helps the body to protect against the damage to DNA. Often we see white skin people take sun bath or they do tanning ( heating or burning body skin beneath sun light). This tanning is done to enhance their skin pigments. Also to empower their DNA functioning.


  • Thereafter, make yourself strong and confident enough to get rid off from those worthless talks.  People will judge you then and now but if you are at right path, you will definately get success one day.


  • On other hand, if people still continue to blame you for having dark skin or ugly , than let them know what and how much ability you carry (without being rude). Let your action speak louder.


  • Also, with time it becomes a habbit to tolerate because such people might be sitting at home and having gossips. But my dear you are a responsible one and surely have less time to waste on such stuffs.


Skin care cosmetics


  • Apart from social issues, there are many productions and manufacturers who are introducing variety of cosmetics and beauty products in market. On daily basis , there are many in numbers which are in heavy demand. (Demand of getting fair skin in seconds. ) Yes ,it may sound funny but many investors are making money in this way . And innocents are getting trap under fairness cream tag.


Skin care


  • It’s not always true that all are doing the same bluff. But the reality is no fairness cream can change your skin colour. If you are thinking about applying cosmetics and makeup over the real one. Than ofcourse it is possible but that too is for temporary. Also heavy make-up can damage your skin quality if used daily .


  • Hence, be natural . Cosmetics and beauty creams are there to nourish your skin texture. To save from various reactions . But changing skin colour is totally a different way to push people into complexion. So, if you are a dark skin guy or a girl than put your efforts on enhancing your beauty rather than changing your skin colour which is a god’s gift.  Because you are beautiful the way you are. Let the world get jealous . Be what you are. Stay beautiful.



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