Happy Diwali: Resolutions to Take in This Diwali

Lights, sweets, new dresses that all excite us every Diwali. But this time, things are a little different. We have slightly overcome the pandemic, and that is why items are quite restricted. The year has taught us to fight with various adverse situations, and finally, we made it to a Happy Diwali.

We celebrate Diwali because Sri Ram came back to Ayodhya after defeating Ravan. That is why this Diwali feels more special because we are in the process of Defeating the Pandemic situation. So let’s celebrate this Diwali with new resolutions that can make all of us happy.

Resolution 1

“Sharing is Caring,” we all have been taught this phrase since childhood. Now its time to act according to it. This Diwali is not happy for all. Some people don’t have enough food; some don’t have the finance to celebrate with lights and sweets. Make everyone welcome goddess Laxmi this Diwali with happiness and prosperity. Share food with the needy; if possible, gift them some clothes. If you own a business, try to recruit more people. Even with fewer salary, people would love to get a job in this situation.

Resolution 2
Happy Diwali

Enlighten your houses with traditional Diya. In India, we have always been using clay Diya decorated with colors and stones. This time we have to do it again. The craftsman could get a better income for this festival. Yes, we can use imported fancy lights, but looking after tiny things can make someone else’s Diwali a Happy Diwali.

Resolution 3
Gift of life
Gift of Life

Send a box of life to everyone you love. In Diwali, we send gifts, dry fruits, sweets, and many other things. This Diwali, add some gifts which will help everyone to fight this pandemic. There are Diwali hampers available, which includes surface disinfectant, hand sanitizer, fruits and vegetable cleaner, floor disinfectant, and mask. Find such gift hampers and give them to all your loved ones. Make it a Safe and Happy Diwali.

Resolution 4
Diwali Ki mithai

Buying sweets has been a habit because not all of us a blessed with good cooking skills. If you are buying sweets from the local stores, then you should do it. But instead of buying costly dessert, you can try your cooking skills. Make some laddu, pinnia, Kaju katli at home, and make this a Happy Diwali. It’s organic and brings a moment to enjoy self-made sweets.

This Diwali, we cannot meet everyone because some ate stuck abroad, and some are in different states. This is high time to use technologies. Make video calls, create digital wishes, and that’s how we can celebrate a Happy Diwali in a new normal way.

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