Healthy Habits to Follow in 2021

2020 has given us a lot of trouble, and we also had an excellent lesson to maintain hygiene and healthy habit. We should not forget what this virus outbreak has taught us and make some healthy habits in 2021. Here are some healthy habits that you can include in your plan

  1. Freshen up when you get home- Many of us already have a habit of cleaning up ourselves once we reach home. If you don’t have this habit, then make it now. As we go out, we interact with many virus and bacteria, to stay out of any disease and infection; you should always clean your hands and feet once you get home. If possible, change your clothes immediately and then relax.
Wash Hands
Wash Hands


  1. Clean your hands before you eat- We often ignore washing your hand while at the office or not at home. Bit the virus outbreak has made use so much of hand sanitiser that now we know the importance of clean hands. Make a habit of carrying hand wash with you and wash your hands when necessary. Using a sanitiser is not enough always.
  2. Cover your nose and mouth when in public- Though we all are wearing face masks after the pandemic, you should cover your nose and mouth even after the situation gets over. It helps to avoid any interaction with germs. It also allows you not to spread the infection you might have.
  3. Add some physical activity in your schedule- Physical activity like light running or brisk walk is the minimum you should do for you. Physical activity boosts your natural immunity, and that helps to fight with virus and bacteria.
  4. Choose water over anything- Water helps us when thirsty and helps to maintain the body. It functions with blood, our skin and also helps to stay hydrated. Water will always be helpful for you but not any other drink. Avoid cola and other soft drinks and choose water over anything.
  5. Adapt natures gift- Nature offers us a lot of benefits. We need to find them and accept them. Go out under the sun to get some vitamin D, eat organic veggies and also natural protein. Don’t rely on capsules and tablets for your immunity. Don’t forget nature has it all.
  6. Set your goals- The entire lockdown phase has made us a bit lazier. Is it hard to get back to schedule again? Then you must set your daily goals. Yes, not a career goal or a study goal, you should set your daily goals. Buy a planner or make notes on your phone. Do whatever you are comfortable in but make a to-do list every day and make sure you do all the tasks you have written in the to-do list. It is better to write the task according to its importance or deadline not to get delayed for anything. Even if you have to buy groceries then put it in your list.
Healthy Diet
Healthy Diet
  1. A healthy diet- Eating veggies only will not help. You should eat all the essential nutrients but in a limited portion. Your diet should include fibre, protein and carbs always. Go for natural home-cooked foods over anything.
  2. Don’t ignore mild fever or infection- As we know a fever of a day can also bring along significant health issues. If you don’t feel well, then isolate yourself first and then take the necessary medical help. See a doctor or get tested if necessary.

Having healthy habits would help you in your life and will also help you stay away from health issues.

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