Covid Vaccine: Why Should You Keep A Safe Distance In 2021

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We all spent the 2020 year with uncertainty. But in 2021 we have the covid vaccine. Do we need to let go of the mask and forget social distancing? Many of us are having the misconception that if we get vaccinated, we can roam around freely. Unfortunately, it is not that simple. There are many safety measures that we need to follow in 2021 as well.

Covid Vaccine


We cannot expect any particular time frame for the virus getting vanished; that is why we have to keep ourselves safe and secure. A vaccine helps to grow antibodies to fight against the virus, but that does not mean that you will not carry the virus or get infected. The virus spreads through touch, saliva, sneeze. Suppose an infected person passes by you and you are not wearing a mask. You may get infected, and you will not realize it. So, it is important to follow the safety measures even after getting covid vaccine.

If you are not aware of the safety measures to follow to stay away from coronavirus, you have a list of it.



Safety measures
  • Wear masks- A fabric mask is also helpful, but it is always suggested to wear a three-layer mask for better protection. There are several types of masks available in the market. You can choose between a surgical mask, an N95 mask or even a fabric mask. To match your fashion, you can also get customized masks. Make sure you are covering your mouth and your nose completely. For people wearing classes get a bigger mask that reaches your nose joint. If you put the frame over the mask, then it will not smoke out easily.
  • Keep a safe distance- According to medical researches, the coronavirus can jump about a distance of 2 feet. You should keep a 3 feet distance at least from other people. Try staying home as much as you can. Otherwise, keep a safe distance.
  • Keep your hands clean- Whenever you come home or reach your destination wash hand. Make a habit of washing hands before you eat, after entering the home, before touching your face. If you don’t have the facility for washing hands, then sanitize it. Carry a sanitizer with you always.
Clean Hands

Wash Hands

  • Sanitize objects- Since we keep ordering online, we should always sanitize the parcel before touching it. It is better to spray a sanitizer and keep the parcel under the sun for 24 hours or a day. In the case of vegetables and fruits, wash them in salt water or use a vegetable cleaner.
  • Change your clothes- Immediately after entering the home, you should change your clothes and keep them sperate for washing. And make sure you don’t touch it with clean hands. If possible, take a bath after reaching home to stay safe and fresh.
Bottom Line

Apart from these safety measures, you can also follow any other safety remedies according to your needs and situation. But make sure you are not giving any chance to get infected with the virus. It is challenging for frontline workers to stay away from the virus, but you can try your best and get a shot of covid vaccine.

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