Schools Are Reopening: What To Do When School Opens


We hope to get back to school soon. The pandemic has affected all of us in different roles. The students couldn’t get back to school because they are not well immune. Not all of the students can keep themselves protected. But now, when schools are reopening, what to do to stay protected. The information below will help the students themselves and also the parents.

Easy safety hacks

Wear a mask

Have a habit of wearing masks all the time. This is the best way to stay away from the virus. Wearing a mask is difficult for toddlers, and the parents cannot ensure that their child is wearing the mask. In such a case, teachers need to make sure that they are wearing a mask in school.

Wash hands

While attending the class, it is not possible to wash hands, but during lunch break, they should wash hands. Meanwhile, if you need cleaner hands, then use a sanitizer but don’t overuse it.

Don’t touch

Avoid touching any surface unnecessarily. It will make your hands dirty and may carry germs.


Try to send food that can be eaten without touching it by hand. Some of the easy examples are mixed fried rice, noodles, roll, chopped fruits, etc. this will help the child to eat safely using a fork or spoon. Avoid sending sandwiches, roti sabji, and also cakes.


Put a pair of extra masks in your child’s bag. They may get the mask dirty, or the string may come off. This is why having extra masks would always help. Also, tell your child to ask the teacher if they can help with extra masks.

Avoid gloves

Many of the parents will tend to make their child wear gloves. It is not helpful for the child. Wearing gloves will not make them wash their hands, but they will touch every surface with it. While removing, they may make their hands dirty. This is why it is not suggested to wear gloves.

No sharing

We always teach our kids to share food and other elements with others. But in this scenario, it is best not to share food, water, and school supplies like an eraser, pencil, pen, and sharper with their classmates.

The coronavirus has made our daily life different. Now the difference will be faced by the students because schools are reopening. This is why it is better to understand the pandemic and teach them all safety habits. If your child has a fever, then contact the doctor immediately.

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