How Technical Knowledge Can Change Our Life

At current situation, our world is progressing towards new technical things. All working  are going on computer. Gradually with time pen and paper works are converting into digitalisation. After advancement in Science and Technology it get hiked among mass. Later invention of various programs and application are done for fast and easy happenings. For example- online services, shopping, money transfer, studies, electronic gadgets etc. But unfortunately, there are many who are unaware of  such technical knowledge. Results in lack of technical operation. Hence these things can adversely affect confidence level and stop development of an individual. Not only of an individual but also it can stop progress of an entire community which will decline in new opportunities. Also it will lead to lack of national development. That’s why at present technical knowledge and practice is important for leading an advance life.

Why technical knowledge is important?


As development is at its peak today, technical knowledge is getting empowerment among new generation. From school these studies are  getting introduce among students. Nowadays computer and tech studies are compulsary for school and college students. Later it shows benefit in several job opportunity and daily needs. This is because everything around us is getting online. Such as online shopping, booking tickets, communication, meeting, conference,money transaction and many more. If people who lack such technical knowledge then they suffer from advancement. As a result their working gets delay and  are also considered as backdated . Thus for avoiding such issues everybody at present should grab knowledge in technology to operate working digitally.

How it can help us?


1. All most everything around world wide is getting digital exposure today because of advancement and modernization . This makes technical education necessary to access our  daily life for fast and better experience.

2. With such knowledge it not only benefits our skill but also create awareness from severe online scams, frauds and threats.

3. Thereafter, having good command over technology one can also get  various job opportunities in both nation and world wide. Hence, it will enhance your profile and will ping your eligibility from crowd to gain position.

4. Lastly, in today’s world where every small to big happenings are done over online marketing, it is us whom should update their knowledge in technology to avoid backwardness. Also every child of this new generation should be in practice to know about new apps and technology for secure future.

Technical knowledge

Pros and Cons of Technology


It is very obvious that every single matter do have pros and cons. So here we are going to highlight some of them to assure the importance of technology.



1.  After advancement took place in our surrounding it leads to technical invention and upgradation for advancement in life.

2.  With time new educational institution are building up for youths to boost them toward new technology.  Resulting in national and world wide progress .

3.  Because of having technical knowledge, today one can easily get information and trace  anything which is required in minutes.

4. As technology is updating every day we get new things to explore and gain knowledge to make our living more better. Also it makes our working fast and comfortable.



1. If we talk about cons then yes with advancement in technology it is equally scary to get hack easily.For example there are hackers (those who are good at cracking pin codes and password of your account) who are always having eyes over such portal.

2. With good command over technology people can access your account details and can do whatever of their desire. Generally, these stuffs are consider illegal.Apart from such unwanted threats and frauds there are many several things available on site which promotes crime in society.

3. Hence , people are facing every day problem due to lack of knowledge in technology resulting in national development. Also it leads to loss in social upgradation and opportunities.

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