Navratri | The Strength to Let Go

As Navratri departs, it brings a profound lesson of relinquishment and transformation. Navratri, symbolizing the triumph of good over evil, is a celebration dedicated to the nine diverse avatars of Goddess Durga. Each day of the festival invites us to embrace change by releasing things beyond our control—those that harm us or fail to enrich our lives.


Embrace the power of letting go. This is our innate ability to release everything that dims the spirit, such as past grievances, unhealthy relationships, unmet expectations, harmful habits, and limiting beliefs. Letting go involves freeing ourselves from the burdens of negativity and past traumas, allowing space for new, uplifting thoughts and behaviors to emerge. By doing so, we pave the way for a brighter present and future, unencumbered by the weight of the past.


Cultivate a connection with the divine through reflection. Recognize yourself as a soul, allowing for more accessible interactions and relationships with others. Understand our role as stewards rather than owners of our possessions. This perspective helps us appreciate our belongings without becoming overly attached or fearing losing them. It promotes freedom and adaptability, ensuring potential losses don’t hinder our journey.


Reevaluate and release misguided beliefs and expectations. Recognize their detrimental impact and consciously choose to remove them from your life. Accept the fluid nature of life—people and circumstances won’t always align with our expectations or desires, which is perfectly fine.

Past, Present, and Future

Let go of past pains and disappointments to experience the present fully and foster a hopeful future. Holding onto past grievances tends to color our current experiences, preventing us from moving forward with a fresh perspective. Allow yourself to experience each moment as it comes, free from the shadows of past hurts.

Last Words

In conclusion, let Navratri be a time of inner cleansing and renewal. Adopt meditation, reading, and writing to nurture your mind and soul. Prioritize self-reflection and self-knowledge, reducing distractions such as excessive use of smartphones. Focus your thoughts and energy on aspects that truly matter, promoting long-term peace and contentment. In this way, you embark on a journey beyond Navratri, carrying only what serves your well-being and spiritual growth.


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