Navratri | The Strength to Let Go


With the departure of this Navratri, there are a few things that you have to let go of. Navratri represents the victory of good over evil. Every one of the nine days in Navratri are committed to all of Goddess Durga’s nine avatars. This celebration features the significance of transformation. So as to transform, it is imperative to let go and relinquish the things that are out of your control, that hurt you and those that don’t bring anything great into your life. 


The power to let go is our capability to release all the things that aren’t right or solid for the spirit and soul. It implies not conveying the past into the present and future. It is tied in with dropping the weight of our obliviousness, torment from past encounters, connections, desires, bad habits, restricting or wrong belief systems, adverse virtues and other people’s opinions about us. By relinquishing our old ways, we invite better approaches for intuition, thinking, behaving and being. 


Reflection and associating with God fortifies the ability to let go. Staying alert and thinking to yourself that you are a soul, makes it simple to prosper with other individuals. Us humans assume the function of a trustee, so nobody and nothing ‘has a place’ to us. As humans, we have our possessions, yet not get attached to them or dread losing them. We comprehend that individuals come into our everyday routine to experience together in amiability. Our valued belongings are to be utilized with appreciation and care. We should live with the mindset that even in the slightest chance, if one day you were to lose all your assets and prized possessions, it shouldn’t stall you. It shouldn’t stop or slow you down. 


We have to let go of our wrong beliefs, thoughts, virtues and values. Instead, we need to perceive the harm they cause, and cut these out from our lives immediately. We likewise let go of expectations and we have to comprehend that individuals and circumstances can never consistently be as per the manner in which we wanted it to go or the way we envisioned it, and that is alright. 

The past, present and future: 

Letting go of the past is imperative. In the slight chance that we don’t let go of the hurt and torment from our past encounters with certain people in our lives, our current encounters also get coloured by the unsettling past. So every time we interact with them, we see them through the same channel of their prior conduct. This is why it is important to let go of the pain in the past to give us a clearer view of the present and the future. Clutching onto upsetting feelings of past circumstances never turns out good. It ruins the present.

Letting go resembles dropping a baggage of negative energies that had become more grounded and heavier every day, burdening us. By letting go at the end of this Navratri, we travel with as little luggage as possible, carrying only what is useful. 

A similar way we clean up our homes during this season, we have to clean up our minds. Pick up habits like meditating, reading and writing. Spend more time with yourself. Get to know yourself. Cut down your TV time. Take out negative thoughts and don’t overthink. Try not to go through over five minutes contemplating something that is not going to make a difference in the next five years. Get yourself some genuine feelings of serenity and peace of mind because you deserve it. 

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