Reservation Causing Lack of National Development

Reservation : What and Why ?



Well caste reservation system in India was introduced during or before British empowerment in early 80’s. This act is done by higher authorities. For helping all other backward castes (SC/ST/OBC) peoples to provide education and employment. Because of lack of development at national level it was considered favourable at it’s initial stage.  Reservation made an opportunity for many to choose better form of living. So it can start improvising in financial condition. In several sectors like education, employment and politics it started growing . All it was made to keep supporting local janta (people). For both social & economic balance and development. But later on it start arrising conflicts among peoples . What are those conflicts?  So here we will be discussing below.


Conflicts arising problems:



1.  After reservation,  peoples of specific caste (s) who are lacking behind get encouragement to step up. But on other hand numerous capable citizens get out of the race . Leading to tuff competition in all sectors.

2. Here capable  students and citizens who are willing to get education and jobs were lacking behind . Resulting in degradation of development at state and country level.

3. Talent and skills of youths started fading with time gradually causing unsatisfactory belief on government.

4. Partiality via reservation system started growing hatered. And conflicts among peoples to get work and education.

5. Lack of opportunities resulting in slow national development. Also leading to weak basics in country’s progress.

6. Discrimination by reservation  makes it easy for few to get in line. And tough for  generals to stay and carry forward in race.

7. Only because of such system our nation is still not able to cope up from developing. Because it seems a long way to achieve  if such condition continues for few more years.

8. These are arrising difficulties and lack of scopes for willing candidates . Who are more deserving than  reserve quota candidates.

9. Such governmental arrangements are misleading talents to work for self country. As a result many eligible candidates are opting to move foreign countries. So that they can explore and achieve what they really deserve.

Lack of national development



There is no doubt that due to reservation  in our country  national development is still  not stable.  Difference in marking system  creates discrimination among caste(s) to crack national level exams . Leading to less eligible students grab such posts and others are forced to choose different option.  Shows lack in right talent acquisition.

Not only marks , but  huge variation in the  amount of fee payment and employment opportunities are also digging hopes and scopes for better and strong nation building. Such unfair means are causing youngsters to move in different directions. Responsible in lack of national development with respect to population.

Solution  :



1. If we talk about solution and development then our government should think about it on a serious note. So to change or remove such reservation policies from our country.

2. Talking about equal rights and values  it can add or replace new terms and conditions . Only valid on specific group of candidates. ( Belonging to economic weak class and scholar students )

3. On the basis of economic statistics  of India , reservation  policies should once again get reviewed. So that it gets re-introduced by official authorities for better opportunities in market.

4. No barriers and discrimination should take place in schools or colleges and working places .  Leading to equal opportunities and rights for every single person .

5. All candidates will get chance to  work for country’s wellfare (directly or indirectly)  on the basis of  their ability only.

6. No advantages will be entertaining for the sake of political issues. If national growth is our priority in upcoming years.

7. So such precautions and solutions  will lead to rectify genuine talents . Which will approach them towards right direction for national development.

”  Work on your present and be the reason to get  future’s  pride of nation.”

Hence, with prior new laws and changes in policies one can create some great example in national development . Also creating history for today’s generation to believe in hard work and ability to make it by their own. So never stop learning and exploring. With changes in time one day will come soon where no reservation policies will be considered or favoured.

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