Taking Social Media Detox For Better Mental Health


People habitually do reach for the phone first in the morning and check social media notifications. On vacations, people are more concerned about taking their perfect Instagram pictures than enjoying themselves. They often are locked in an internet argument on Facebook. But a social media detox shows us a bit of clarity into this.


If you are someone who ends up wasting a lot of time scrolling through different social media apps, you may like to consider a social media detox. It is extremely vital for people who cannot put your phone away for once.

The world outside social media

In the race to keep ourselves updated with what’s happening all over the world and in some other people’s lives, we usually forget to look at things that are around us. Most social media apps and websites are designed to make you addicted.

This addiction comes in all sorts of notifications, likes and comments, feedback loops, and instant gratification it gives you. Studies have found that people connect better with other people online than in real life.


If social media was your way to stay well informed on matters you care about, instead of gaining any information, why not spend this whole time taking action and doing something productive?

If social media was your mode to stay in touch with family and friends, better write them a letter or spend more time with people in person you actually care about.

What is a social media detox?


A social media detox is a deliberate elimination of using social media and utilization for a period of time. This means removing and deleting all the social media apps from your phone, and in some cases, temporarily disabling your social media accounts, if it’s possible.

Most social media detoxes are generally 30 days, but few people do that for 7 days or sometimes a year-long social media detox.

Why a social media detox is important?

There are a few benefits of taking a break from the internet.


  • Improving overall mood

Scientists have discovered that the amount of time people spend on social media is related. It is directly related to whether they feel stressed out or happy. So, if you have been feeling stressed out highly anxious, or depressed, take notice. Understand that this is the right time to take a social media detox.

  • Protecting your privacy

Social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) is an easy way to keep in touch by sharing photos, which also needs you to give up a lot of your privacy.

Therefore, if you don’t want these sites to have access to your privacy, you can simply take a social media detox by deleting your accounts and apps to keep yourself with the best possible privacy protection.

  • Start living in the moment

It has been reported that people who spend a lot of time on social media sites feel isolated and lonely in real life. Those people are also likely to suffer from a worse immune system.

However, if you prefer to be alone, you can enhance your mood by going out in public areas. And if you want to make new friends outside social media, consider using services such as MeetUp. Apps like this help to find like-minded individuals.

  • Get a lot of free time

Sometimes people feel like they never have enough time to read, exercise, or clean houses. Keeping social media on pause they can regain almost 2 hours daily. During this time, people can devote your energy to improving your life.

Imagine going through a day without scrolling through your Facebook or Instagram newsfeed. Instead, a 30 minutes’ walk per day will give you huge mental and physical health benefits.

To avoid being a social media addict, go grayscale. This model does away with colorful and blingy apps and screen helps to restrain phone addiction.

Imagine how better it would be if you use your time and mental energy into the things you care about in this world. Taking a small break from social media helps you to evaluate what’s more important in your life and make much better use of your time and also mental space.

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