5 Excuses That Can Make You Unsuccessful

Successful people live a life full of lessons learned. They have their own rules, and they do not accept failure as the outcome. To succeed in something, you need to learn from your mistakes, keep trying new things, and be patient for the desired results.

If the habits, actions and behaviour of a person making excuses are carefully observed, then many things come to the fore, which explains why the person makes excuses.

To save their honour when they fail

To hide their flaws

To gain the sympathy of others

To get false success

It’s easy to make excuses for not reaching your goals. But, unfortunately, there are about a million reasons you haven’t achieved the success you desire.

Here are 5 of them.

1. I Don’t Have Time

Out of all the excuses made globally, this is the most used excuse. For example, if people want to avoid any work, they make the most of the excuse of lack of time, while that work may be very important for success in life.

People waste a lot of time on whatsapp and Facebook, for TV and in unnecessary tasks, but when it comes to doing any good and pleasant result, they have a most common excuse that “I don’t have time for this task.”

2. Bad Health ” Not Feeling Well”

Most people make excuses for their bad health, and it is true that many excuses can be made about bad health. But it is also true that 90% of the excuses for poor health are false, or by making excuses, a person starts to feel that he is sick while that person is healthy.

To avoid this, one should always keep thinking that you are a healthy person. In this way, more than half the disease will go away.

3. “I’m old.” Excuse

Many people make excuses to be more or less their age. “My age is too young for this work”, “I am too old now.”

“Because of old age, I am no longer eligible for this work”, “I am too old to do this work, why do it now”,, etc. are excuses that do not allow a person to do any work.

All these should be avoided. Good deeds can be done at any age. There is no fixed age for doing the creative activity.

4. “Lots Of  Risk” Excuse

There is a lot of risk in this work; I will not do it. It is also a very common excuse. Many people do not want to take any risk in their life. They want a risk-free life. Before starting any work or target, such people want to ensure that there should be no problem in doing this work. You tell me, is this possible?

Some people become very big victims of this excuse and are unable to do any work properly throughout their life and are drawn towards failure.

5. I’m Not Getting The Opportunity

“I want to do a lot, but I am not getting the opportunity”. 

It is the biggest excuse many people have. Such people think that opportunity will come and tell them, “I am opportunity, and I have brought a plate of success for you. So take this plate and get success.”

Friends! That never happens. Opportunities may stand in front of you, but they can never give you success in the form of a decorated plate. People who give the excuse of not getting opportunities in life cannot take advantage of the opportunities around them and fail.

Last Words

There are several excuses that people make to avoid success. The five listed above are the most common ones we hear regularly, but they can be avoided by being honest with yourself about your situation.

Remember, you’re only an excuse away from success. Don’t let any excuses stop you from achieving your goals!

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