Can Parents Become Our Good Friend

Of course! There is no offense that our parents can become our very good friends. They are the one with whom we share our most of the time. From parents, we gain knowledge and behavioral things. As we start growing up we use to copy their actions. Also, we use to share our daily life experiences and vice versa.

They are our first idols whom we admire. From them, we learn how to talk and walk. Parents are our guider who are surprisingly friendly at times and very strict when requires. It is very often that we get hurt from their words or action sometimes but all they do such because for our wellness.

Sometimes, it gets complicated to understand their behavioral changes. But it is not impossible to become friendly. (At least we can try ). Along with respect and love, we can create a bond where our parents can share their feelings too. Here we will discuss how we can make our parents our friends.

Relationship With Parents

Here, talking about relationships with parents can differ from person to person. Depending on family background, culture, society, or even region and religion. Apart from so many differences, we do share an emotional and priceless bond. This attachment occurs due to the faith and love which is served to us.

Though parents are our first friends with whom we share everything since our birth. Their love, care, and affection bind us with them to live long. At a certain age, our vision and thoughts might differ from them. But with time we get exposure to the outer world. On other hand we start growing and developing, we realize how and what uniqueness we share with our parents.


Child and parent

What Do Parents Want

After all, they are our parents. They gave birth to us. They made this day possible for us to see this entire world. Being our parents their only intention is to look at our happy faces. Because they always wish and want our happiness. Sometimes they pray hard for what we want.

Many times they do scold us. In worst cases, they do punish us hard. But trust me there is no bad intention behind it. It is all about some respect, love, and support which they seek from us. Their efforts and sacrifice for our good future only admire our success.

But unfortunately, there are many among us who don’t treat well with their parents. Either by misbehaving or by physical or mental harassment. And at their last age, they are sent to any old age home. Yes! This is shameful. Also sounds bad but it is the bitter truth. In return, such people serve them with loads of tears and pain which they don’t deserve.

Therefore, if you respect and love your parents you won’t believe in hurting them. Time or situation may affect certain things between you two. But it is curable and there must be ways to deal with it. So it is possible to understand their wants.

Relation with parents

How To Improve Your Relation With Parents

1. Firstly, we as their children have this opportunity who can easily improve our relationship with parents. For example, while talking and sharing our daily life experiences.

We can involve them in our activities and decision-making. After doing such they will feel better and easy to open up with us. On sharing our problems they will also feel it worthy to share their own story and motivate us.Along with sharing, our parents will also be happy to get certain priorities from us. 

2. Secondly, there are many parents or children who are introverted or are not friendly to talk about certain things. In such cases, it is you (either parent or child) who is responsible to convince them with your words and action. So that they can trust you and support you in your bad times.

3. Lastly, both parents and children should respect each other’s choice and decision if it is correct. As changes are made for development and modernization is taking place. It is our duty to take care of such things and give your best company to them. Because as time is passing by they are getting old and it is us who should introduce these changes to them. We can make several new people or friends for a lifetime.

But parents are constant and will remain the same. So never stop loving your parents. Because you won’t get them back once they’re gone. Never hurt them. Respect them for what they have given you. No life can exist without parents. They are the only hope to give you life on this earth.

Respect and love to all those parents who are giving their best to give a wonderful life.

Thank You for fulfilling all our desires.

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