COVID-19 | Job Loss & How To Process It


Millions of people all over the world have lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. In the United States alone, more than 3 million people have been given the status of ‘unemployed’. The staggering number of people being laid off has surpassed all previous heights. This, for obvious reasons, leaves many people with a lot of financial problems that they did not anticipate or plan towards. Waking up one morning to find yourself without a job, given an unpaid leave, or even being fired can be difficult to deal with. For those people who lived pay-check to pay-check, this could be a very hard pill to swallow. 

This is a time in which everyone is uncertain about what is still to come. A lot of people get anxious and fear the uncertainty. This is justified, but if you are one who does not have a job anymore, you are not alone. So, how should you process this loss? There are few things you can follow to reduce the effects of the loss of your job. 

Job Loss – Take on new opportunities:

If you see an opportunity swing by, you need to grab it. Now is the main time where you will need to use all your effort into jumping on an opportunity. Go after what the world demands the most during a time like this. Where there is demand, there is employment. Opportunities do not come by everyday, so when they do, take it! Even if it pays little, because every little thing counts at a time like this. Starting up something online is not a bad idea either! Here is an article that shows products that sell online even during a recession:

Create a strict budget:

There are many things you can cut back on at a time like this, especially when you do not have a source of incoming money. We all have those things that we spend money on, which we have absolutely no use for. The only things you need to spend your money on is your food and your electricity bills. Try to refrain from spending money on purchasing snacks and nibbles, as those can be quite expensive. Stick to the  basic things you need to make your three meals. Milk, eggs, bread and vegetables should be the main things you purchase at your local store. Try not to go over your budget. 

Get your refunds back:

If you have purchased any memberships for things like gym, swimming club or any services, chances are, you will not be using them for a while. Which is why, it is best to ask for a refund and use that money for the things you really do require and are necessary during a time like this. Put that money into buying safety gear like face-masks, disinfectants and hand sanitisers to keep yourself and your family safe

Take it one day at a time:

You are not alone in this, and if you have access to, and can read this blog, you don’t have it as bad as half of the other people who lost their job with you. So take it one day at a time. Also, there is no point stressing out about things not in your control. If you lost your job, it is in the past and you can’t control it now. Instead, convert this negative and stressful energy into a positive energy and drive it into things that you can control. How you respond to the loss of your job is 100% in your control. Stay emotionally stable, stay calm and stay hopeful. It can only go up from here. Think positive and expect positive things to happen. And, remember to take one day at a time. 


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