Top 7 Signs You’re Dealing With A Fake Friend

Fake friends are the type of friends you don’t want in your life. They are the kind who pretend to care and love you, but when you’re not around, they have your back as if you were the last person on the earth. They are often fair-weather friends, they may be only around if it fits them, or they are only friends with you out of convenience.

They’re usually fair-weather friends, so when you’re around, they move on to other people that they think will help them out. They may be trying to impress you, but their true motives are more sinister, as most of the time, they’re not interested in you at all.

Maybe they’re just trying to gain access to something or get your perspective, or they may even be trying to steal your identity to use against you later.

It can be tough to tell sometimes, but some key signs can indicate whether you’re friends with someone for real or if they’re using you. Here are seven of the top signs to look out for.

Compares Himself/Herself To You

Your fake friend will compare you all the time. He won’t even like your nice things and keeps comparing with you. He always wants to put you down and doesn’t enjoy your victory at all.

Whenever someone praises you, he is offended. He always wants that he is ahead of you and for you to follow him.


In any friendship, we encourage our true friends in every decision. When it comes to fake friends, you will always be proved wrong by a fake friend, and you will always get negative vibes from him.

Fake friends have this characteristic of always forcing you to think about the situation so that you will never succeed in your life.

They Want Only Attention

Toxic friendships are different. With toxic friends, you can tell they treat you differently than a normal friend would. They act out because they are angry or upset, not because they don’t like you.

When you have a toxic friend, they will make sure you pay attention to them and make sure other people know how bad you are. They will act out because they are trying to get attention.

Badmouthing About You

The moment you learn about one of your friends whom you consider true friends, that he is doing evil to you in front of others, he is your fake friend.

If your friend is sincere, he will not even like to hear your faults. Then there is no question of doing evil.

Every time you turn around, your fake friend criticizes you in front of everyone. When you are in front of him, he pretends to like you and does terrible things for you.

Only then can you be happy if you stay away from a fake friend.

Constantly Makes You Feel Your Shortcomings

Your true friend never makes you feel your shortcomings. No matter how many flaws you have, he does not let you down by constantly talking about them. Your fake friend keeps finding faults in you.

Fake Friends Won’t Support You

Your true friend is with you every step of the way. Whatever work you do, it supports you. However, your fake friend makes fun of you and does not support your good work. He lowers your spirits at every step and never helps you.

Your fake friends don’t cooperate with you, but they make you worry about your actions.

He Never Misses You

Your fake friend never tries to contact you. They never miss you. He keeps himself busy. They don’t care about your suffering. But your true friend is always in touch with you. No matter how busy he is, he never forgets to remember you.

Last Words

This article gave a list of the top 7 signs that someone might not be a true friend. If you’re not sure whether or not a friend is fake, stay tuned. We’ll be releasing a follow-up article soon that will help you identify whether or not you’re dealing with a fake friend.

Image Courtesy : Geralt @ Pixabay