How To Overcome Procrastination

The habit of Procrastination is a habit that is ingrained in the hearts and minds of the people like an epidemic.

This habit has left most people handicapped. A handicapped who can walk but with crutches and can see but with the glasses of despair.

People affected from procrastination can do everything that a normal person does but with the thought that I wish! Had I done this work earlier or in time today, I would have been what I thought to become.

Let me tell you one of the best ways to quit procrastination, by adopting which you can leave the habit of procrastination and adopt the habit of making quick decisions :

  1. You can forgive yourself for procrastinating from the past. Self-forgiveness can make you feel better about yourself and decrease the chances of procrastination.
  2. Set yourself time-bound goals. You will be able to stay on track and complete your tasks by setting deadlines. This will ensure that you don’t procrastinate!
  3. The best way to break the habit of procrastination is to make decisions. However, because both habits are opposite each other, it will be left to postpone the work itself if you start making decisions.
  4. First of all, start making small decisions. Later on, these small decisions will motivate you to take big decisions.

Suppose you want to exercise and have been avoiding it for a long time. So take a small decision that from tomorrow you will do any exercise for just one minute. I think anyone can complete this decision.

You have to increase this one minute gradually. The best thing is that you will have to try to increase the time, but this exercise time itself will increase without any effort.

Exercise time will increase without effort because you will get inspiration from your work (one-minute workout). This way, you can stop postponing any task.

A rule works in the manner described above. That rule is that when you decide to do something for a very short time, you finish it because it is very easy.

Later on, you start getting inspiration from this work, and because of that, you start doing more of the same work.

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Image Courtesy: Photo by Pedro da Silva on Unsplash 


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