5 Diseases That Occur In Men

Indeed, every year millions of people worldwide lose their lives due to various diseases, including heart disease, many types of cancer, diabetes, etc.

If we look at the global statistics, shocking facts come to the fore. Many of these are life-threatening diseases, which affect more men than women.

Since there are many stages in women’s life such as periods, pregnancy, menopause, women usually visit more doctors, and some of their health problems are caught in the early stages. Although most men don’t visit the doctor for their health issues, they tend to stop seeing a doctor if their condition worsens.

Today, we’re telling you about 5 diseases that affect more women than men in the world.

High Blood Pressure

A study published in the journal PLOS found that hypertension is more common in men than in women. Furthermore, after the age of 60, hypertension is more common among men. So we can tell you that high blood pressure is more common in men than in women.

High blood pressure is often caused by unhealthy eating habits, stress, and lack of exercise. These things should be taken extra care of by men.

Also, keep getting the necessary checkups done regularly. Get your cholesterol level checked regularly so that the risk of other diseases can be avoided. Do exercise regularly.

Lung Cancer

Let’s just say that men are at greater risk for lung cancer than women, according to an NCBI report. Their ratio has changed a lot over the past two decades. Nevertheless, men are less likely to develop lung cancer.

About 4,000 additional chemical elements are found in tobacco smokers, which increases the risk of developing cancer. So it is extremely harmful to your health.

This increases the risk of lung cancer and increases the chances of many other types of cancer as men consume more tobacco than women. Apart from this, lung cancer cases are increasing due to smoking, increasing pollution.

Oral Cancer

Oral cancer affects men more than women. So it has been claimed in the National Institute of Dental and Crane Facial Research. In fact, according to the data given on it, 15.5 men out of every 1 lakh have oral cancer. At the same time, 6.1 women have oral cancer.

Heart Attack

According to a report published in 2016 by Harvard Health Publishing, men are at higher risk of heart attack than women. According to the doctors, men have higher cholesterol than women. Apart from this, men also do not pay much attention to their food and drink, leading to such problems.

Doctors say that heart diseases are more common in people who live under high stress and smoking. It is obvious that men don’t share their thoughts with their loved ones as soon as they can. That is why they become a victim of tension from within.

Men are more likely to have high blood pressure or sugar than their female counterparts. Men are more likely to have a heart attack because of all these issues. Avoid stress and live a healthy lifestyle.

Prostate Cancer

According to research conducted in the US, one in every eight men will have prostate cancer in his lifetime. It affects men only, The male reproductive system includes the prostate, which is an exocrine gland.In this, cancer cells develop in the prostate.

In the beginning, there are no signs or symptoms of prostate cancer. However, cancer that develops slowly can cause severe symptoms. Examples include frequent urination or the inability to urinate. Let us tell you that increasing obesity can also be a reason for this, although it is possible to treat it.


It is often believed that men are healthier and more fit than women but it’s not true. For this, you should take great care of yourself and take necessary advice from the doctor from time to time to get the right treatment at the right time.

Men sometimes try to ignore their responsibilities and problems. It is wrong to ignore problems because of their responsibilities. You must not ignore your problems. If you do, other serious problems could make you their victim.

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