Insulted? How To React When You Feel Insulted


A significant part of human nature shows up from its behavior. It is because most of us don’t have control over our reactions towards certain emotions and actions. Out of which insult is a common action that triggers us the more. What do you do when you feel insulted? Do you reply with anger, or get into an argument with the person? This is what you should not do absolutely.

Our reactions and actions show a direct impact on our mental health and mental peace in our life. If you want to avoid negativity and keep peace of mind, you must know the best way to react to negativity and mainly when you are insulted.

Reaction 1

Ignore what the other person says. Though it sounds complicated, you won’t find it difficult when you make a habit of it.  The following examples will make you understand the reaction better.

Example 1

Suppose you are an influencer, many people will see your content and have different views. Some of the opinions will be positive, and some will be negative. The one who has a negative view may comment on your content as something terrible.

They may say your content is not good or does not show the topic’s real side. But if you know what you are writing and are true to yourself, then ignore these comments and messages. These few messages cannot justify your entire hard work. Ignoring them is the best option.

Example 2

When someone meets you in person and shows aggressive behavior towards you to say something insulting to you, ignore them. If you react aggressively, then your insecurity will show up. It’s better to ignore them. This will also disappoint them for trying to tease you.

Ignoring insults is easier when the insult comes from a stranger. You won’t get affected emotionally if you ignore them.

Reaction 2

When someone insults you, convert the communication to humor. If you happily accept the insult and react happily, then the other person will feel unhappy by insulting you. The following example will help you to understand.

Example 1

During the lockdown, everyone has put on some weight. If anyone tries to insult you for the tummy or flabby muscles, accept it. If your colleague tells you that you have got fat, ask them to come to the gym with you or ask them for a healthy diet. This way, they will not only get annoyed but will never try to bully you.

Example 2

If your friend says that you are ugly, then accept it and try to get some beauty tips. Or else you can hit them back in a funny manner. You can say that is why I am your friend, buddy. We belong to the same category. Keeping the conversation light will help your keep your peace of mind.

Why should you be aggressive?

Being aggressive will disturb your peace of mind and will also satisfy the other person.

They wanted to make you aggressive, and they did it. Being aggressive also brings negativity to your life. So for the sake of your happiness, don’t be aggressive and try to handle all insults calmly.

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