How To Stay Motivated During Tough Times

How to stay motivated during tough times is probably something we have not been taught. I have tried to simplify the term here, to the best of my abilities. It is not a difficult task to achieve.  Your brain is more efficient in recognizing the resources which are of help to you.

It starts building up a law that will make you work in ways that get you closer to the people and things necessary for you to move up the ladder of growth.

1.     The impact your surroundings have are more than you can imagine

If you are telling me you haven’t, you are definitely lying. There is no person who has, even for once, not blamed their environment for something which has gone wrong, says this article.

Yeah, your surrounding deserves more credit because it influences and directs your behavior towards the attainment of your goals.

2.     Practice Public Accountability for your goals

We tend to think when our parents compared us to the neighbors’ kids, it was pressure; when we competed in a race, it was pressure and there was always pressure to do good in the society we live in, and it is not a lie. I feel you.

But, have you ever thought what if this pressure, which stresses us out, could become the cause of motivation?  If the dose is taken in the right amount, yes.

3.     Program your brain by visualizing your desired outcome.

Our dreams became limited to the visions our subconscious made after we dozed off.

But, bring those days of daydreaming back. This article right here says that visualizing ourselves getting what we dream of getting, will actually bring us steps closer to actually achieving them in reality!

4.     Make it a point to be generous and donate

According to Forbes’ article, an effective way to stay motivated is to give your earnings away. Not to the needy, but to the charity which you would otherwise do anything to not donate a penny.

How does it help you? Well, the idea is plain and simple.

Donating to these charities will motivate you to stick to your goals and avoid giving away your earnings. It is like punishing yourself for going astray.

5.     Stick around longer on the journey to your goal with visual cues.

According to many studies like this, there has been plenty of proof to suggest a positive correlation between staying motivated and the impact of visual cues.

Why do visual cues work?

They work because they show us regular updates on our behaviors. For example, if you are planning to learn to play the guitar. Making a chart to track your progress will motivate you more. Stuffs like these attract our attention and helps us keep our focus. It helps our neurons make the necessary connections with the task at hand.

6.     Get a friend along to share your journey

Although workout buddy has been populated to achieve fitness goals, the strategy is effective for other goals as well.

It was found in a study that was focused on healthy lifestyles, that if people were prompted even by an electronic reminder to go to the gym, the likelihood of the very same people to the place increases.

If an electronic call or message could elicit such a response in one’s behavior and motivate them, imagine what a LIVING person could do, especially if you like the person!

7.     Let go of your goals. Create Systems.

Consider this: If you knew the benefits of reading every day, then don’t you think you would be more inclined to read every day?

Research says that people who are informed about something are more likely to invest their time in it. They are more willing as compared to those who set up a target without deeper investigation.

If you have read this much, you know are well aware of the 7 unconventional ways of keeping yourself motivated. What is keeping you waiting for you then?

Remember: There is no better time than the present.


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