Job Seeker Mindset | For How Long

From childhood till growing up, only one thing is heard from the mouths of elders, read and write well to get some job. Since childhood, our mind is conditioned so that until we grow up, we start believing the lie that job is everything.

Today the whole world is battling the crisis of the corona epidemic. In the meantime, lakhs of people have lost their jobs in our country, and crores have been fired from their jobs worldwide.

Now it comes to the people who lost their jobs, what would they be doing now! You will be surprised to know that more than 90% of the people are looking for some other job, and many such people are living in their remaining savings and are waiting when this crisis of Corona to be over, and They can get their jobs again.

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Not Taking Risk Is The Biggest Risk

People think that there is no risk in a job compared to job and business, do your work comfortably, get a salary on time, and gradually grow. According to people, the risk in business is high.

What will people say if it spreads! The world will laugh, funding problems, more than one challenge, struggle.

People in business start counting too many problems and see it as a big risk, so most people avoid taking the risk, but they say “don’t take the risk the most.” Big risk.

If people think out of the box with a little courage, then they have no idea how much more they can do than their thinking.

Get Out Of The Comfort Zone

Most of the people doing jobs are not happy with their job, but they are always happy that they have salary credit at the end of the month to meet their needs.

Their life is going on with that. Make compromises. They start feeling that whatever is going on in their life is all right.

They don’t even think of taking a step forward because they have heard that life is set after getting a job since childhood. But getting out of your comfort zone and doing something that can create job opportunities for others can take you a long way.

A Request To Parents

For all parents, their children are special, and there is some quality in every child. Today technology is changing every day, time is changing, and in such a situation, there is a great need to change the thinking.

All the parents should encourage their children to become job creators and tell them that they can bring a big change in this country by giving employment to others.

Suppose the stove is burning in someone’s house because of you. In that case, you are giving your valuable contribution to improving the country’s economic condition by giving employment to someone, even though you are giving the job to only two people. Still, behind those two people whose family is growing, you will also get their prayers.

Thank You For Your Precious Time

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