Social Media Friendship Safe Or Not



Social media and online friends.


Nowadays social media is grown up into such a great platform where communication is no more a big deal. People feel free to post all their ongoing issues of life. Posting pics sharing memories is exciting. Among all making online friends and connecting with them is a vast majority. Everyone takes interest to share and access various life happenings from all over the world. Social media is resulting in wonderful life-changing experiments. But with exploration people are also getting in a trap of fake and frauds.


Making friends in social media


✓Via social media say it Facebook twitter Instagram WhatsApp etc many like such are trending among crowds.


✓Helping us to join hands and make friends for life virtually. But we cannot judge all of them socially for being good or bad.


✓The reason behind this uncertainty and fear is not knowing them (online friends) personally.


✓This fear creates many confusion and safety issues resulting in harassment.


✓But not every friend request is unknown. Many of our know friends and family circle get connected via social media.

How to stay safe from fake friends socially?


✓If you are keen to make friends virtually and also an active user in such platforms then you must be aware of accepting unknown requests made to you.


✓Before going social make sure you know some settings for your account privacy. If not then let make some changes in settings.


✓Don’t share your account details with others.


✓Sharing live locations and videos can create some more concern because they open about your personal details.


✓ Before making friends virtually let them know them first and think about it. The final decision is always yours.


✓Making friends is a good idea but blind relations are risky to handle and alarming for life.


✓Before getting into a friendship or relationship you must go through all their details to ensure your security first.


✓ Not every person is bad so make your choice wisely and keep using social media because they bind people.


✓Social media is the heart of our distant communication in today’s life. It can’t be left over for other’s wrong doings.



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