Top 5 Reasons To Go Vegetarian


The main reason why people eat meat is that they believe that they are not able to acquire similar nutrients from vegetables from meat. A person does not have to eat meat in order to gain their proteins because vegetables can do the same for you. A meat-free diet can actually be even more beneficial for you on many levels. Below are the top 5 reasons for you to go vegetarian and cut meat out of your menus.

  1. You will keep your weight down:

Meat contains high amounts of saturated fats which are bad for human health. Our bodies have a tendency to store fat, so eating a lot of foods that are high in fats can result in you gaining extra weight that you could definitely do without. A study showed that overweight people who followed a plant-based diet lost an average of 24 pounds (10 kilograms).

This was done without starvation and having to count each calorie that they ingested. This is a great benefit. Vegetarian food is good because you can still achieve the feeling of being full without counting the calories you digest. This is because plant-based foods are naturally low in calories.

  1. Decrease of foodborne diseases:

Foods that are rich in protein such as meat, poultry, seafood, and fish are the main carriers of food-borne diseases. These occur as a result of the contamination of food at any given stage. The risk of this is decreased with the sole consumption of plant-based foods.

Salmonella is a good, widely known example of food-borne disease. It can give individuals severe diarrhea and sprouts from raw meat. With vegetarian food, you will barely have any of these problems to worry about. 

  1. You will live a longer life:

Scientists have reported the secret to live longer; “a low-calorie diet of unrefined complex carbohydrates, fiber-rich fruits and vegetables, and soy.” There is only one place you can get all of these at once, and that is vegetarian food.

A vegetarian diet kept consistent for over a few years can add an average of 13 years to your life. Products like meat can clog the arteries and can lead to more disabilities during the later stages of life. 

  1. Keep your ‘system’ regular:

Vegetables offer a HUGE amount of fibers which help us do something really important; going to the bathroom on time. Fibers that come from our leafy, dark greens, help keep our bowel movements consistent and keep your ‘system’ up to date and squeaky clean! It comes to no shock that meat-eaters usually struggle with high levels of constipation.

Meat contains high amounts of fats. It takes a long time to digest, and a longer time to pass through the intestinal tracts in the body. 

  1. You will help reduce famine in the world:

Approximately 70% of the produce that is grown in the form of crops and vegetables is fed to the livestock, for them to gain weight and become bulky so livestock farmers can get the most out of one animal. If all these crops, grains, and vegetables were fed to humans instead of livestock, we would be able to feed an extra of 925 million people.Imagine that. World hunger could potentially end if people decided to consider a vegetarian diet.

In the world right now, as of 2020, the country Yemen is about to be completely wiped out of the world map due to famine and hunger. Imagine if all these people who are malnourished could get food to eat, and this could have been possible if the crops grown out of the soil went straight into feeding humans instead of livestock, who eventually get killed for human consumption.

Overall, this article just pointed out 5 reasons to go vegetarian, but in reality, there are many more. Others include increased energy throughout the day, stronger bones, and the ability to fight off diseases.

It is fairly easy to go vegetarian in times like this because there are so many alternatives to meat, like tofu and vegetarian meat analogs (plant-based meat look-alikes that are completely vegetarian).

Going vegetarian also turns out to be cheaper, so why deny a chance like that? Here is a website that gives you a step by step guidance on going vegetarian:

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  1. Well pointed artical. Agree with the points included in this article. Being vegetarian is more beneficial healthwise and financially too.


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