Travel Hacks To Save Your Money On Your Next Travel

All those Social media feeds making you want to travel but you want to save! Well, we have a solution!! Well here are some tips to travel the world like crazy and not break your bank balance!! So read on to find out a few hacks.

Booking Well In Advance

Well this is a tip that everyone knows and nobody follows, the sudden vacation plans often cost you a lot. Making a dent in your bank balance. To avoid it, plan your vacation in advance as this can save you almost 30% of your travel

Being Flexible With Dates

As obvious as it may sound, flights and hotels are usually cheaper for mid-week days like Wednesdays and Thursdays rather than weekends, so whatever your travel itinerary is, make it flexible for a few days to save on money and enjoy more on your trip!

Off-Season Fun

Trust us going in the off-season doesn’t just give you a better deal, but since the places are less flocked with tourists, it usually results in less crowded areas, which means fewer people and more fun, you can actually then visit this place like a local! 

Staying In Hostels

Hostels are not those dingy dirty places anymore! With the onset of a slew of hostels and dorm room startups like Zostel, there is a cheaper way to travel by living in hostels and dorm rooms, because what matters is the place you’re traveling and not your accommodation as you’re going to be only sleeping there!

Visa-free Countries

We all know Visa is one of the most expensive things in our travel budget, well why not visit a country where there are no Visa charges? Yes as of now, there are 58 countries in the world that allow Indians to arrive without Visa or have Visa on arrival facility for Indian citizens, these countries should definitely be on your travel list!

The Art Of Haggling

Shoppers always try to dupe tourists by asking for astronomical rates. A simple way out is haggling!! Haggling is actually an art where you literally have to fight for a better price or in more sophisticated terms “negotiate” or bargain. You can do this by not getting tempted by the product and you should also know a few local words so that you don’t entirely look like a tourist.

Learning Local Words

This is a must! Learning a few important local words is actually a lifesaver, because it helps you in haggling at shops, asking for food, using public transportation or even in times of emergency or help. This saves you precious money by making you look like a local and blending you in with the place.

Street Shopping & Eating Is The Best

How to explore the destination like a local/ GO LOCAL, try out the street food, visit the local street shops, get a taste on how locals live their day and what they eat! You not only just delve into their lifestyle and get to know but also save on your budget.

Group Travel

Granted Solo traveling has its own advantages, but group traveling not only reduces the cost but you also get to meet like-minded people and have more fun. You can bargain more for the accommodations, food, travel, etc.

Use Public Transport

Most tourist countries have well connected public transport systems that get you from Point A to Point B . Also, this is better than the expensive cab rides, all you have to do is know the bus and subway routes which are so easy these days as there are loads of apps to help you out for this. These systems also have special unlimited passes for tourists that offer unlimited ride throughout the day for tourists.

So the next time you are planning a trip or a vacation, do try some of these hacks.

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