Changing For Someone Else Is Good Or Bad

How Changes Occur

Firstly, changes do occur in various forms in our life. We are affecting all our mental, physical and emotional statuses. Yes! There’s no doubt we all go through several changes.

We start from our childhood. From growing up in a family to attaining office, changes revolve around. Some are natural, and some are by our choice. Here natural changes include all our physical & mental growth. On the other hand, few are by our choice depending on people and surroundings.

Secondly, nobody knows how a person gets or feels that change in them. All it occurs either naturally or artificially (made to) live life better.

Thirdly, if someone we like or admire behaves unknowingly, then change also occurs ( emotionally). It varies from person to person to whom, where, and how to deal with it. Because of such, mostly, it is greeted positively for moving on in life. Many changes among us do act as temporary or permanent.

Depending on what are our needs and expectation. Here, we will discuss how and why such internal changes occur. Is it ok to change yourself for someone else? What is its impact on an individual? And many more.

Why so?

Life is full of unexpected changes leading to a beautiful journey with beautiful memories. These memories are created with our dear ones. Starting from our initial days, there are many reasons behind such phenomena. Including both ups and downs, we learn and adapt to deal with our ongoing issues.

Also, no individual is in our command, so we can’t do anything about them. But, we do have command over our emotions. If required, we still have hope and scope to build ourselves stronger.

Feeling inadequate or demotivated is ok. Because such things are very general in our life. Every day, several people like us go through such hardship. They are dealing with the everyday fight for further betterment.

Certain people and situations are responsible for such changes among us. People deviate from that common bond sharing with differences in thoughts, opinions, and likings.

Such differences force us to stand out from the crowd. They are being different from others and leading life at its best. Because of unwanted controversies in relation, people start adapting to environmental changes—those changes which are more unnatural and less original.

 Is It Ok To Change For Someone Else

According to human psychology, there is no fixed rule for no change in human behavior. Changes might occur at any stage, depending on lifestyle, environment, friends and family bonding, etc. It can be in both good and bad ways. Here we can’t assume in one way to say yes or no.

Because many factors are responsible for any change in humans (especially if it’s emotional or behavioral), changing yourself for someone else’s sake is not favorable (according to me).

Because if your dear ones are not happy the way you are, they must not need the exact you. Maybe their tastes are different. I may consider it reasonable if people insist on you for your better performance or habit. But forcing you to change to please them is not a brave choice.

Here only you will lose the real you. For the sake of one or two, you might be losing many. If some changes are made for your goodness, then accept both such people and suggestions. So as not to change your personality and behavior to please others. Be what you are.

For example, many people who are frustrated with their personal or professional life are seen as unable to meet their expectations. Lack of completion in their desire is causing behavioral changes that impact several individuals. Emotional breakdown causes stress with or without any reason.

Such changes do impact life negatively. Whereas if a student is working hard for better marks than before, his changes are beneficial to his career growth. Such changes in that student will positively impact his life.

 Dealing with changes

  1. If your well-wishers like parents, family, and friends (selectively) insist on something, we should consider their suggestion at least once. (Last decision will always be yours to think about what can be best for you).
  2. No such changes should be entertained for pleasing someone apart from losing your originality.
  3.  Always remember no true friend or human will want to harm your existence.
  4.  Be wise enough to handle such complications. Share your problems with trustworthy people. They will guide you in the right direction.
  5.  If you have any bad habit(s), you must change those for your wellness. For example, eating will cause obesity which is harmful to your health. Disrespecting others will disgrace your image socially.
  6.  Read and watch motivational videos and speeches. Follow such a speaker to get positive ideas to make yourself motivated.
  7.  Avoid people or environments where you are not comfortable or appreciated.
  8.  Take care of your mental and emotional health. Follow your hobby in a specific time interval.
  9.  Making changes in yourself to better yourself or others to help humankind is always appreciated. But don’t let others misuse your emotions and abilities in the wrong way.
  10.  Stay away from fake people.

 Last Words

There is no right or wrong answer to whether it is good or bad to change for someone else. It depends on the individual, the situation, and the people involved. Some people may feel like they are losing themselves if they change too much for someone else, while others may feel more complete or satisfied if they make these changes. Ultimately, it is up to the person to decide what is best for them and whether they are comfortable with any changes.

Featured Image Courtesy: Photo by Mohamed Nohassi on Unsplash

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