Why Men Are Said Not To Cry

The strong gender stereotype that men should not cry has been perpetuating for centuries due to traditional gender roles that emphasize strength in men and dynamic control in women.

Consequently, men feel they must suppress their emotions, leading to mental health issues such as anxiety and depression.

It is essential to recognize that men are just as capable of expressing their emotions as women and that crying is necessary to be human.

Do Men Cry

Yes! Men do cry. Be it a man or woman, and crying is an emotional sensitivity. Shedding tears or crying denotes physical and mental pain, anger, happiness or sadness.

Humans do cry because of prolactin and endorphin hormones. Generally, women have more prolactin than men, so they get emotional changes faster as hormones are responsible for crying, which cause men to be less dynamic or expressive.

There’s no offence that men cannot cry. Human psychology says that because of hormones, men cannot cry like women. But crying has nothing to do with males or females. Anybody can cry who is suffering from pain.

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Is It Socially Accepted?

Till date, it is not widely accepted for men to cry openly. People think crying will enhance their weakness. Whereas boys are idolised as strength, stamina or power of society.

After several social burden, they are unable to express their feelings. Lack of family support and encouragement results anxiety among them. This is so because people think men are born to fulfil all their wants and desires. All certain expectations are handed over to the male child as soon as they take birth.

What’s Wrong?

Gradually they are forced to become more strong and forward physically, emotionally and mentally than women. Because our society still thinks that men are the only future of the family.

As a result of family upliftment and social pressure, they mess with their outer and inner feelings. Such complications drive many boys to adopt the wrong habitats for life.

These things happen because as they start growing, they are always told some sort of things which they can’t do publicly. Maybe for any social issues or family prestige, such as ” men don’t get hurt” “boys are strong”, or “men cannot cry.

How To Deal ?

1. First and foremost, we are responsible for what happens in our surroundings. We all work together to build a society where our visions for social development come together.

Treating men as humans first can be a big relief for boys. As a result, they tend to behave strongly, which results in emotional breakdowns—causing severe behavioral changes in their lives—affecting the lives of others who are attached or dependent.

2. Second, such discrimination should not occur at home or at school when it’s about mental or physical pain. The first priority should be to treat all boys and girls as human beings.

Our top priority is their well-being. Taking care of their physical and mental health is our responsibility. They should not be burdened with unnecessary burdens. Let them grow and learn at their own pace.

3. Thirdly, men have feelings and emotions. The same way a human feels, they also get hurt. It is not uncommon for men to be nervous or insecure about something.

If we want our boys to feel free from such man-made responsibilities, then let them live. You shouldn’t assume that men don’t have weaknesses, so they can’t get emotional.

Because of their habitat, we cannot tell what they are up to from the inside. As a result of our society and mentality, men are introverted and uni-zoned. If we start caring about their health and living, it will be great for men to become more open and friendly.

4. Lastly, we can choose how we want to build our society. Boys cannot be forced to lead a different lifestyle because of their behavioral and emotional differences. Love and care are essential for every individual, whether men or women.

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Last Words

Our progress and well-being depend on each other’s motivation and encouragement. I hope it will happen one day. Yes! Men do cry. They, too, have feelings.

Stop assuming they are stronger and more unique than others. Not only do we need men for our fulfillment, but also as our partners in everything we do.

The idea that men should not cry is an outdated and damaging social construct. Like women, men should be encouraged to express their emotions healthily and constructively.

Crying is a natural human response to emotions and should not be seen as a sign of weakness. Men should be encouraged to be open and honest about their feelings to have healthy relationships and better cope with life’s challenges.

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