COVID-19 | Staying Positive During The Lockdown

Staying positive during the lockdown is very important. People usually complain about not having enough time to do things. They ditch family events and get-togethers with their friends because they believe that they do not have time.

Well, guess what? Now you have all the time in the world! While we are battling the COVID-19 pandemic, it gives us the opportunity to work on ourselves and become better versions of ourselves by the end of the lockdown. But, the first step to doing this is by staying positive.

Staying positive can be difficult:

Staying positive is exceptionally hard during a time like this because all your other priorities are completely cleared off. Our day to day activities play a big hand in keeping us balanced and stable, but these are taken away from us. Our jobs, our friendly get-togethers, family outings every weekend. All gone. So what does this leave us with? An empty mind.

An empty mind is an active mind. It is human nature to always want some form of a thought process going on. With everything taken away, this becomes difficult. If not handled well, an empty mind is the best and biggest source of negativity. This is the worst thing to go through, especially during a lockdown.

Stay positive through meditation and yoga:

It is okay to feel anxious, stressed and overwhelmed during this lockdown. However, some things that can help you control these feelings are meditation and yoga. They release stress and reduce anxiety. There are also scientific reasons behind this. Meditation and yoga release chemicals like dopamine, oxytocin and serotonin in your brain, which make you feel happy, energetic and creative. Moreover, youtube offers guided meditation audios and videos of yoga experts that you can follow. Here is a good example:

Turn off the news:

In most households, the news channels are always turned on. Especially during a time like this, people prefer to stay updated on the effects of COVID (economic and political). News channels are the biggest source of negativity in the house. It brings down the atmosphere and mood.

Sometimes, it is a smart decision to limit yourself to watching the news twice a day; morning and evening. Instead, watch something more light-hearted and comedy. This elevates the mood and promotes an energetic vibe in the house, and ensures you are staying positive.

Work on your skills:

Everyone has those things that they have always wanted to do or learn, but never got around to it. This is the perfect time to either strengthen your existing skills, or pick up new ones! You have time, and all the resources you might need are available online. If your music skills are a little rusty, nourish them.

If you are weak at a school or college subject, work harder to make it stronger. Start learning a new language! This will give you mental satisfaction and make you think: it’s okay, I did something productive today that led to a better me. This produces an elevated mindset. Furthermore, it guarantees you are staying positive.

Sticking positive and inspirational quotes around the house:

Lastly, powerful quotes can turn your negative thoughts into positive ones. Here are some examples:
– “Not all storms come to disrupt your life, some only come to clear your path.”
– “The struggle you face today is developing the strength you need tomorrow.”
– “Do what you can, with what you have, and where you are.”
– “Hope makes the present moment easy to bear. If we believe that tomorrow will be better, we can bear hardship today.”

Write these quotes down yourself and stick them around your house. Make sure these are places that you cross many times throughout the day. This can be on top of your mirror, your refrigerator, or even your closet.

This way, when you pass by and look at these quotes, you will be reminded to stay positive and it will help change your mindset. Also, what a great opportunity to turn this into a family artwork!

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