Electronic Gadgets Addiction Good Or Bad


Presently in today’s technological world we all are in use of electronic gadgets (device). Starting from home, school, office or any public place. After rapid advancement in Science and Technology people are in use of these devices. Because of  less time and energy consumption this phenomenon grear up.

Addiction among all start growing due to electronic gadgets . Such as mobile phone, computer, laptop and so on. As we all are busy in our own life and career such needs converted into addiction. Gradually with time it become  our daily basis requirement. Be it online work or studies or marketing everything is trending with technology . People are spending their maximum time in virtual world.

For example: Money transaction, online shopping, education and what not every penny of our daily life is now available digitally. With the help of such gadget we all are able to full fill our needs . Also it provide us  several video games , apps and social networking sites for entertainment purpose.

Completion of work on time get possible with advancement. Such availability made our lifestyle more faster and easier. Leading to addiction with electronic gadgets. Proceeding onwards , here we will discuss how such addiction take place. What are it’s remedies ? Such addictions are good or bad?

Why Addiction?

Generally, maximum people are now addicted with such electronic gadgets. Every second person is carrying a mobile to communicate. Such gadgets are now responsible for a better communication . Similarly, computer and laptop are used for studying or working. Whereas, these are available at an affordable price in market today.

Such gadgets are affordable resulting in time management and least efforts(made) people are facing it easy to use. On using it for multiple purposes people are getting indulge. Specially among youths, because they are more advance than previous generation people. Be it playing games or studies all are in our  hands.

Because of less physical interaction due to lack of time many like us are involved in electronic world. Such involvement resulting  in severe addiction.

Is It Good Or Bad ?

Any addiction which is hampering your life directly or indirectly is bad. Getting involved in any work with electronic gadgets is important for living.

Considering such addictions are  good for our work completion(for limited time period only). But getting addicted means where you can’t live or stay without using it(specific matter). The reason might differ from person to person. But addicted to electronic gadgets without no reason can adversely affect both physical and mental health. Depending on individual’s life style .

“Don’t wait for the perfect moment. Take the moment and make it perfect.”


1. For avoiding addiction make a time table for specific electronic gadgets usage. It will not only save your health and time but will also save you from any addiction.

2. Not all working on such devices are addiction. In today’s world all work are getting address in online via electronic gadgets. So working for hours can be consider.

3. Make some hobbies like drawing, singing , writing, reading books etc. However these will help you to get out from those electronic world. Also it will enhance your skills for lifetime.

4. Stop using or spending excessive time on such devices . Because it is harmful for our eyes and might cause migraine problems.

5. Simply  it proves that no addiction is good for our personal or social welfare. Hence above all stop getting drag towards unwanted electronic sources and gadgets . Improve your life with several essential things to do.


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