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The shows and movies we grow up watching impact our lives in many ways. Kids are very perceptive and impressionable too. This means that viewers take in all the information, whether direct or implicit. We see our favorite characters do courageous things, make difficult but necessary choices. We take inspiration from them and try our best to implement them in our own lives.

About Naruto Anime

Naruto is one such life-changing show. A generation of kids and now adults look at Naruto and all the other characters as their moral compass. There is something about watching their adventures of triumph and loss for years on end that does affect our thinking and mindset a lot.

One of the major themes of Naruto is the false dichotomy between success and failure. There are countless examples of instances where we learn that these two things, success, and failure, are not as opposite as we make them out to be. We are made to understand the value of experiencing these things with an open mindset and a heart willing to explore and develop. 

Grasping these concepts and lessons is very important for our growth in life. There are times when we feel weak and worthless after what seems like endless drudgery and efforts going to waste. During such a time, it is helpful to have some source that makes us feel understood and, thus, less alone in our struggles.

These characters make us realize that we can see and decipher right now is not the entire truth or reality. There are many possibilities between success and failure, and outside of this worldview.

We only have to be patient and persevere through everything that life throws at us. If you are still left wondering as to how an anime show can bring you light in times of darkness, here are some of the many wise lessons this show has given us over time:

Failure Is Not A Character Flaw

Naruto has taught us that we cannot make being bad at something or experiencing a failure or setback an identity we attach to ourselves. We are always more than our failures and our successes as well. 

When we think like this, we can allow ourselves to try again, gather more information, and experience to win again. Then, we do not go into a situation expecting failure because we understand the value and weight of our efforts.

There Is A Whole World Waiting For You Beyond A Failure

After you find out that some venture did not work out as planned, do not think it is the end of the road for you. You will try again and make the best of the next opportunity that comes your way. Failure is what leads us to success.

Growth Is A Byproduct Of Your Tussle Between Success & Failure

As you battle one failure after another and revel in your successes as well, there will be a time when you sit back and realize how far you have come.

Naruto, in the beginning, is often termed as a spoilt brat, someone who could not be trusted to put aside his interests to safeguard the village. 

But time and events went by, and Naruto grew to take on challenges and decisions no one, and perhaps not even Naruto himself, expected.

With Time & Hard Work, Your Dream Will Come True

When you compare the initial years of Naruto’s journey to what he made come true later on, you see that dreams do come true. He wanted to earn respect and love of his village, and eventually, he got there. You see that doing your very best is key. That is all that matters in the end. 

Because beyond that, things are not in your control, but you do control the level of dedication and amount of effort you put into each endeavor you take up. Be sincere and consistent always. 

Last Words

All the characters, from the main ones to the sidekicks and supporting ones, all contribute to the bigger picture and experience tremendous changes and development in their life trajectory. 

Our minds may work tirelessly to make us think we are not deserving of success or that failure is all that is in store for us, but when we look at these stories, we are reminded that thoughts are not facts. 

We can accomplish and win at so many things we set our sights on. Yes, there will be times when disappointment is all we get, but even then, we surely gain some knowledge from that experience. 

We keep accumulating these reserves over time. With practice and dedication, we see how much easier it has become for us to deal with and handle difficult times and how quickly we can bounce back from a setback.

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