Weight Loss Diet Plan


Weight loss is difficult but not impossible. If you follow the right lifestyle and diet plan, then you can easily lose weight. Nowadays, the problem of overweight and obesity has increased a lot among young people. Many reasons, such as not getting enough sleep, fast food consumption, lack of exercise, job pressure, financial problems, lack of nutrients in the diet, cause weight gain.

However, diet does not play as big a role in weight loss as exercise plays. But it is also true that you can reduce your weight by following the right diet plan.

Follow These Things For Weight Loss

  1. Drink at least 4-5 liters of water in a day.
  2. Take different varieties of whole grains, stay away from refined grains.
  3. Include good fats such as nuts, seeds, and fish in the diet.
  4. To stay away from constipation, consume at least 28-32 grams of fiber daily.
  5. There is no shortage of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and cytochemical in the body, so take 3-4 bowls of vegetables.
  6. Eat at least two bowls of fruits daily.

Perfect Diet Plan For weight Loss 

Suggested by Dt. Shivani Kandwal ( Nutritionist, Diabetes Educator, Founder of Nutrivibes)

Breakfast & Lunch

  • Drink 5 almonds + 2 walnuts + 30ml wheatgrass juice as soon as you wake up in the morning.
  • In breakfast, 1 gram flour / 1 plate poha / 1 plate upma / 1 dosa / idli + 1 egg / 100 grams of paneer can be taken.
  • After a little breakfast, you can eat 100 grams of fruit with buttermilk.
  • In lunch, 1 plate salad + 2-3 millet roti + vegetables + curd / 1 bowl of rice + lentils.
  • After lunch, herbal tea + 1 tsp fennel.

Evening & Dinner

  • In the evening take 1 glass of sattu juice/cold coffee/chana chaat/makhana chaat
  • Dinner: 1 plate lightly fried veggies + 1 plate vegetable oats / 1 roti and 1 bowl of lentils / 1 quart plate pulao
  • Cinnamon lemon water can be taken after dinner.

Avoid These Things

  • In summer, the body needs more water. But to avoid dehydration, stay away from sweet lassi, soda, and cold drinks, etc.
  • If you are eating anything extra than the diet plan, then note it somewhere to know how many extra calories you have taken in a day.
  • If you feel very hungry, then do not consume fast food. Instead, carry chickpeas, nuts, and healthy chips with you.

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