Working Parents Are Breaking Down

Due to Covid pandemic, it has been a tough year throughout. It has been harder for working parents. Being at home, it is hard to balance work and personal life. It’s harder for parents because they have to look after the kids.

In the majority of the Indian household, the primary responsibility of taking care of a child is on the mother. Some of the father also plays a significant role in taking care of the child. Since work from has become more convenient for many of the employees but it has somewhere become tough for parents.

They have to look after their child alongside working for the office. Even after several offices have partially opened still, most of the female employees could not be made up to work.

The primary reason is rearing up the child. Previously when the child goes to school, the parent could work at the office. But now a mother has to be the home tutor and the guide for the child to attend online classes.

What Were The Previous Responsibilities?

Before lockdown or the pandemic, the usual life schedule was relevant.  Many parents send their kids to school; many of the children are taken care of by nanny; some of the relatives also take care of a baby when the parents are not at home.

Current Scenario

Now the child is taking online classes from home. Not all child is capable of operating the devices and going through the online courses at home. So then the parent has to invest some time for the classes.

Another problem is the house help. Due to the pandemic, many of the house help was not allowed to enter the colony, many of them couldn’t reach the city. Not having a house help has raised the household work for working parents. Another responsibility has shown up.

Why Are They Breaking Down?

Since the scenario is different, now the parent is not able to balance the work and life. This is why they are feeling like breaking down.  Even some of them feeling like a bad parent or a bad employee. Because they cannot give 100% as a parent nor even as an employee. Being working parents is hard but it has become harder now.

This unstable situation has made the parent breaking down. But we can help them to overcome the crisis.

How Can We Help Them?

If your wife or husband is taking care of the majority of the work, then try to share some responsibilities. If they are taking care of household work along with office work, then you should help your child to attend the online classes.

If both of you are working from home, then try to work from different rooms. So that none of you disturb each other. If you have a child, then engage them with some work or play. Try to make a schedule for the current scenario.

Suppose your family member like your daughter in law is facing a tough time handing work and family. Then try to help her in household work. Look after the kid for some time so that they can work at peace. Communicate with them about the situation and how you all can survive as a family.

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